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You will scream from pain and pleasure.
There was a bellow under the table.
Victor was surprised to put down the chair, and looked down at Ira, after removing his leg from her face.

She straightened a little and lifted her flaming face, with a challenge, said: – No.
I am a decent girl.
I cant.
I need a normal guy who will treat me well and will love me.
like my husband! He laughed at her loudly, almost hysterically, and his laughter penetrated her head, spreading out in an ominous thousandth round dance.
Thirty minutes ago, as if in a fog, Irina came out of the doorway, came down from the street and went to the store.
The dress she was obviously not enough.
Like her old life, it was hidden under a pile of old rags at the very bottom of the bottom drawer of the closet.
And why did she just keep this clear symbol of past humiliation all these years? But most importantly, why did she admit this to Victor? Ira remembered that when she did, she didn’t understand anything after a wild sizzling orgasm,

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and for a long time she came to herself, being in some kind of trance or hypnosis, being able to speak only the truth.
In addition, for seven long years, she had already forgotten how vulgar it was and in what light exhibited it.
And at all, the dress during this time could well become worthless, eaten by moths.
But no, carefully wrapped and packed in several bags as something very important and valuable, it was as new.
Ira did not understand anything.
Maybe these past seven years and was not – just a dream.
Now it is over, and everything again falls into place? A short dress barely covered her back and front, and tightly wrapped her body, especially bulging on her chest and ass.
All at the very top.
In addition, the material was so thin that in some places just shone through.

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She could not believe that she wore such a frank thing.
The heart began to beat very often.
Irina decided to ignore the large chain stores – you can easily meet acquaintances.
The fact that too close to the house also fell away.
There were remote small shops.
She had to go to the opposite part of the wide road, and the woman was in front of the steps of the viaduct.
She suddenly found herself constantly remembering her feelings from the meeting that had just occurred.
She again saw before him Victor, a wild desire in his eyes, practically felt the caress of his persistent hands.
She remembered how hard his dick was when he entered it.
As she gasped and moaned, moaned and squealed while he inserted into her.
Endless slaps and blows, verbal humiliation, her juices, flowing without stopping.
For a moment the woman closed her eyes and took a deep breath.
Streams of warm air shook her weightless dress, as if caressing Irina for them.
Immersed in her thoughts with quick steps, Irina began to climb the long stairs.
Her breasts and buttocks swayed under the tight-fitting dress.
The edges of the skirt rustled high on the hips.
(Especially for -) When she was at the top, the woman heard some whispering and laughter behind her, suddenly the thought struck her that she was without panties.
The ladder provided an excellent opportunity to look under her skirt, besides her dress was short and flying, anyone who went below should have seen her crotch! Immediately she pulled the edges of her skirt to her thighs and accelerated the pace to take the remaining steps down the stairs.
In the middle of the viaduct, it was overtaken by a couple of teenagers, who laughed loudly when they caught up with her.
She looked into their faces and for a moment their eyes met.
Their eyes glittered excitedly.
Probably, before that they were walking up the stairs and saw everything.
She shuddered, she wanted to scream.
In her former life, Irina loved to boast of her long, slender legs, but always worried, as it were, not to overdo it with frankness — not to look like an accessible woman.
Now she knew that she should be like her.
She could only imagine what lustful fantasies imagined in the head at that moment these guys, and what words she was called among themselves.
Irina flashed in an instant, she was painfully ashamed.
She remembered the dark sunglasses, took them out of her purse and immediately put them on.
Breathing heavily, she pulled out the edges of the skirt as low as possible and, pressing them to her thighs, picked it up further, dropping her eyes under the glasses, looking only at her feet. Online realtor sex.

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