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True, this year, our administration did not come up with something incomprehensible, having made the last two courses with slopes.
And no, that would be like everyone’s normal, but here it’s time to go, it’s already impossible to change, since everyone has different programs.
I chose geography.

Most of the fellow students chose computer science, physical education, or foreign languages, which would be simpler.
When I went to the first lesson, I thought how many such people we would be and was surprised.
In my group there were seven more people and they were all a girl of good looks.
Or more simply, everyone was pretty.
A couple of them I knew, but there were those who did not know.
During the six months of training, we all became friends and, despite the fact that I was not quite handsome, some of the girls even showed signs of attention to me.
In general, we had a friendly team.
Winter exams passed all together, no problem.
Celebrated the change and the upcoming New Year and went on vacation.
As far as I know, the girls celebrated the New Year together.
After the holidays, we returned to school, only began to notice some funny and playful views on ourselves.

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Attempts to learn something or to understand what they mean and what caused – have failed.
The study went well, sort of coped with the tasks.
Winter is over and the first mini-session this year is near.
But our group coped with it successfully and began to prepare for the spring break, but then our head cheered us up.
Until the end of spring, we were assigned a scientific work to the group, which indicated that the holidays are being postponed, and we will need to learn.
True, after this statement, except for me, no one was upset anymore, on the contrary, he was delighted.
One of the girls even offered to go to her dacha, so that in a distance from the city and the noise of a quick everything to do and relax the remaining time, and the lakes nearby and few people.
I initially refused, but since I knew that I could not do the work myself and had to do it collectively,

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I had to agree.
We spent a couple of days to the city and then went to the country.
The summer house was a medium-sized house, even the pool was.
Well, the summer cottage is of medium size, not a football field, but not a sandbox either.
People, as promised, almost was not.
First of all, the girls dressed and ran to sunbathe on the beach, taking me with them.
And while smearing the girls with cream, I was glad that I hadn’t undressed yet.
And then from the abundance of girls’ bodies and touching them, an erection reached the limit at the very beginning.
And nothing to do with it could not.
After all the girls were ready and began to sunbathe, I threw lightning into the water, in order to do something with an erection. Online sex video india.

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