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All the way to the hotel, we were silent.
But despite 40 centimeters between us, I felt how tense Angela was.
I even felt sorry for her.

Therefore, in the room I decided to talk her a bit to relax.
But as soon as I closed the door behind us, hanging the sign “Do not disturb” outside, the woman immediately lifted her skirt again, and the desire to speak for a while was lost.
Looking at her from all sides, I noticed that her skin on the inner sides of the thighs, where they converge, glistens with moisture.
– Is it you who have already flowed what? – I asked in amazement – Still in the car, lord.
“I thought you were trembling with fear!” – No, sir.
I looked at her carefully and thought.
What happened to her? It was cold, impregnable, principled.
And hell, I liked her like that! She was like a challenge.
I wanted to break it, crush it! And now? In a look only humility and lust with an admixture of shame and fear.
I understood that I can do everything I want with her now, and I will not be denied anything.
But do I want this? Suddenly, I realized Angela is just disgusting to me in this new guise.
And does not cause anything but contempt, and perhaps even disgust.
– You know? We will not succeed.
You were given 3 days off, here and go, rest.
Do you have any personal affairs? – But mr.
– she began to bewildered – Shut up! – I rudely cut her off and, as if in spirit, expressed everything that I thought of her.
When I finished, there was no lust in her gaze.
Only shame and pain.
There was no submission, because without asking my permission, Angela picked up her purse and jumped out of my room like a beaten dog.
I did not know if I did the right thing, having humiliated her so, but I already didn’t care.
What is done is done.
In the morning an angry Petruh called: – Fuck, old man, what did you do with Angela there? She broke into me this morning, threw a statement on the table and knocked it over without explaining anything.

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What happened to you? – Nothing.
Just told her who she is.
– And you think she did not know? – Apparently, not until the end, once decided to quit.
– And what should I do now? Where else can I find this? – Find it.
And you can’t do it yourself – so I will help.
– I catch the word.
But I’m still not happy with you.
Get off to yourself and so I did not see you again! All the buzz broke! But a month later Skomorokhov called himself.
And already in a friendly voice pointedly informed.
– Seryoga, I took a new one here.
Chick is not worse than Angela, but, damn, such a shrew, that Angela is a fluffy kitten compared to her! – And why are you telling me this? – And besides, you waited for her to visit.
With the check.
Ready? – So I’m always ready.
– Well, okay.
And remember – I owe you a favor!
We talked a lot.
I basically told, she listened, trying to remember for the future.
From the first day, I realized that I did not intend to abandon the child, no matter what it cost me, and immediately began to prepare her for life in a big city, about which the girl was not aware of anything.
Touched and the topic of sex education.
I could tell all that I knew.
She grasped a lot of things on the fly, knowing full well what a blowjob, sperm, sucking and swallowing, and so on.
Just a little girl did not know the terms until now.
She learned very well why she couldn’t show her knowledge of the subject of sex on people under any circumstances and she vowed not to do it.
Given her attitude towards me, the girl would rather kill herself than she admitted.
On the day of departure, we once again discussed all the details.
Half a day later, a clean-washed jeep drove onto the federal highway.
Mila sat in the back seat, like a girl, and watched cartoons never seen before on a newly purchased tablet.
After the barber shop, with a neat haircut, dressed in a light green dress with a golden belt, she resembled a forest fairy from a fairy tale.
Yeah, I’d see who this kid was a few hours earlier.
While we were shaking for three hours on a dirt road between the forests, it became boring for the small just to sit and look out the window.
Then she began to look at me, and this pastime she never bothered.
Mila was still sitting in the winter quarters nearby and just admired how I was doing the car, cooking or just sleeping.
It seems that she has a considerable fad on this issue – to be near.
I felt her look.
At first, just warm, gradually he became a little detached, as if he had switched to something else.
Soon he returned and, as it were, so to speak, stole something.
Then a physical impact was added to the look. Real couple hidden cam sex.

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