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the weather towards the end of their stay in the Hero City had finally deteriorated, and now it was audible that the window was beating and knocking on the glass, the incoming rain gusting with gusts — there was a wind outside the window, rain was falling.
Outside the window it was already cold in the autumn, it was damp and windy, it was dank, and in bed it was cozy and against the background of rain pounding on the window, it was even stronger felt, sweetly felt – both in body and soul – warmly pressed to it, to naked Dimka , naked Rasika.
Rasik – favorite rasik! – quietly snuffling in a dream, pressed his hot cheek into his, in Dimkino, shoulder, – “the fifth time of the year is a time of love.

our – t in about e th – love.
“- Dimka thought, mentally addressing Rasim with a feeling of weary, inescapable tenderness growing in his soul.

Outside the window, the wind tore the last leaves from the trees, in Dimkin’s sleep, merging with the sky, the golden leaf fall was just burning, in bed, hugging Dima across the abdomen, pressing the hot cheek against his shoulder, pressing in his thigh not fully tight but tangible hard hot dick, sleeping infinitely loved Rasim, and Dimka.

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on the wave of his young love, Dimka suddenly felt like in his soul they are born by themselves – they appear and disappear by themselves – some very important, very necessary, very necessary for him, for Dimka, words whirl around with golden leaves.
The words, flashing, attacked each other, huddled and pushed, disappeared and reappeared, trying to mate, unite with each other in an incomprehensible, but already discernible in-soul melody sounding in the soul.
submitting to this melody born in the soul – involuntarily moving his lips, Dimka, who woke up, tried to keep these words, somehow to connect them, glue, fit one word to another, but they did not obey Dimka, they teased Dimka – they escaped, were replaced by others, jumped from place to place, – the melody, barely having arisen and sounded, immediately stopped.
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