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She was too shy to meet now with my brother.
And I walked on the socks to the kitchen to Sasha, who did not bother to wear anything but shorts.
He enthusiastically prepared something, turning his bare back to me.

I admired his rolling muscles and jumped onto the tabletop next to my brother.
– What are you cooking? – Dangling barefoot, I asked.

– The most difficult culinary masterpiece – scrambled eggs! – Sasha proudly turned to me, lifting up a wooden spatula.
We chatted about nothing, sharing the events of today.
I apologized for not warning in the evening about the guests, and told about the events of this morning at Katya’s house.
Sasha was very interested and asked to tell everything in the smallest details.
I began to remember out loud how I stroked Katya’s legs, how I pulled her T-shirt up.
And Sasha, obviously very vividly imagined this picture, listening to me, with bated breath.
And I, in turn, looking at his reaction, did not want to stop the story, remembering all the smallest details.
And I was so deep in memories that I didn’t notice how I stroked my legs and stomach during the story, and Sasha, pleased as a cat, was watching me with a smile from ear to ear.
– Oh, you are a libertine! – I came to my senses, pulling the dress up and showing my brother tongue.
– Sit down let’s eat, my decent.

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And I’ll go to the shower, freshen up after your surprise – Sasha smiled in response, handing me a heavy frying pan.
Throwing hot scrambled eggs in a plate and pouring cold juice for myself, I ran into the room to my computer to call Kate on Skype and find out how she feels.
I couldn’t get rid of the guilty feeling that was gnawing at me for pushing it.
Kate has already managed to get home and just changed clothes in her room at home.
– Katyusha, are you not angry with me because I pushed you against Sasha? – Without delay, I asked.
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