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I knew her for only a few days, and already she did so much with me, which I could not even guess.
And what was waiting for me ahead, for the first time I thought about it, not with such childish delight as it seemed to me before.
The life of a slave was much harder than in fantasy ,? and even more so when the mistress was so.

She made me the person she needed, and I couldn’t leave or refuse this, as if bewitched by her.
For me it went on for a long, very long time.

it was very difficult to fulfill the role of a chair for my mistress, at some point I even wanted to ask her and beg her to get down, but barely restrained herself.
Elena might have pity on me, but would be unhappy, and if she saw through the difficulties I had to go through and suffer for her, she would be pleased.
Everything is simple and fleeting – happy, but how important and pleasant was this contentment of the lady to the slave.
The girl calmly decided to watch the program to the end, sitting on me.
Sometimes I tossed a little and quietly sighed, yet she sat on soft and comfortable flesh, and I rested my body against a hard floor.

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When the transmission ended and the lady stood up, I let out a sigh of relief.
– Good chair.
– The girl condescendingly held her feet over my chest, expressing modest praise.
– Thank you madam.
– I answered her in a slightly tired voice, looking at her from below.
– See, what is the use of you in everyday life, slave.
– she smiled.
– How many new functions do you have, which you didn’t even guess – a soft ottoman, a footrest, my comfortable high chair, how many things.
you can even be used as a table.
yes, it will be necessary to try somehow.
– Yes Milady.
– I agreed sadly.
– Open your mouth! – Suddenly, Helen demanded, continuing to stand over me.
I opened my mouth blankly, looking warily.
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