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He was uncomfortable doing it, but had to adapt to this.
The mistress ordered the slaves to ensure that no urine was shed near the cage, if she was anyway, then Nicholas was forced to lick her tongue.
He was in a large cage where he could sleep more or less normally.

Water a day gave a liter, the rest of the thirst, he had to quench his urine.
The plow that was in his ass was forbidden for him to take out, only twice, the slave replaced it with the largest size.
Mrs. after the last conversation, he did not see, she no longer descended into the basement.
In the next morning, he woke up, a slave came to wash him, drove him back to the cage and said: “Madam will come today, so get ready for the meeting.”
A few hours later he heard on the stairs a knock on the heels of the Lady.
Nicholas knew that it was Mrs. who descended because slaves went barefoot.
Taught by bitter experience, he got up as best he could on his knees, dropping his

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eyes to the floor.
Well, what slave oklemalsya? A voice came from above, in front of him he saw the shoe of the Lady.
He hit his head on the floor, asking permission to speak.
Today you made no mistakes, otherwise I wanted to wrest your filthy language, now you can talk.
Yes, Madam I got better, thank you so much for taking care of such an insignificant creature as I am.
Ended your rest, it’s time to get to work, I’m not in order for you to mess around, you enslaved.
Having ordered the slaves to let the slave out of her cage, Catherine sat down in a chair, beckoning it with her finger, and ordered to lick the soles of her shoes.
Lick the soles, you are not worth anything anymore, now we will bring you into proper form.
She ordered slaves to prepare a hair clipper and a razor.
Now you’ll be shaved, from now on you will be bald and always walk with your head shaved, you will follow yourself so that your hair does not grow back, as they begin to grow, immediately shave them with a razor.

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But I am a good Lady, I will help you, I will buy a special gel that does not promote hair growth, you will constantly apply it not only to the head, but also to the whole body.
Catherine made a sign with the hand of a slave and she began to cut her hair when the slave was completely bald, the slave took a razor and shaved her hair, which the machine did not take.
Now shave his eyebrows, as well as remove all the hair on the crotch, arms, legs, armpits.
Slave fulfilled the order of the Lady, did what she was told.
This is how I like you better.
Now you will always be in this form, now Mashka shaved all your hair, then you yourself must maintain yourself in this form, if I notice on your body, somewhere at least one hair, you will regret it a lot.
And now I have a present for you.
She ordered the slaves to file a steel collar, showing it to the slave, said: You see, what a beautiful collar I bought for you, you noticed that all my slaves wear collars, and if you thought that you would not touch it, you were deeply mistaken.
The collar was wide, nickel-plated with the engraved inscription “Eternal servant of Madame Catherine”.
The collar was locked without a lock, it had a built-in mechanism, which, when both ends were connected to each other, clicked in, and it could only be opened with a small key that was inserted into a specially made well.
You liked my gift.
Nikolai hit his head on the floor.
The lady nodded her head.
Very Madam, thank you for your concern and kindness.
Mrs. put a collar around the neck of a slave and snapped it.
Carry it and remember the rest of your life, whose property you are.
I will remove the key from it, I think that you will never need it.
Now it was the turn of the tattoo.
As soon as Catherine brought the first two slaves, one of them Lizka, she sent me to a piercing tattoo course.
She needed to have her own master of tattoos and piercing to do tricks and punctures, slaves, so as not to hire a master from the side and not attract someone else’s attention.
Lizka very well learned to do piercings and tattoos, she did all the piercing slaves and herself.
She advised Mrs. what tools to buy for tattoo and piercing.
Lizka prepare the machine, now we will apply tattoos.
You’ll make a fat, big “SLAVE” inscription on your head, put “Only for Mistress” on your ass, while I think that there will be enough tattoos, and we’ll see later.
While the slave was doing a tattoo, Catherine wanted to eat and ordered to bring food to the basement.
Before her was set a table on which the slaves put an exotic fruit salad, which Kate loved very much.
They also brought a big piece of juicy meat with potatoes and green tea with cake. Real sex video watch online.

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