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And so they gathered at Oksana’s home: Oksana, her friend and Lena.
Later came Volodya.
After a long feast, the couple retired.

Lenkina girlfriend and her boyfriend went to fuck in the bath.
Leka and Volodya settled down in the house.
Volodya, without any preludes, threw Lena onto the bed, pulled off his pants and began to fuck.
About ten minutes later he finished, got up and lit a cigarette.
Lenka was not satisfied with such sex at all and, being always direct, she expressed to him her displeasure.
Volodya said that he would finish it and continue, then he suggested: – Do you want me to tie you up? Probably it was interesting to diversify the pairing.
She gave herself a tie, Volodya put it on her stomach, then took the pants and pulled the belt out of them.
Lenka scared asked: – What are you up to? “I’m going to teach you a bitch now,” he answered.
– you will fucking know how to drag along by the peasants.
Then he began to smack Lenkin ass.
The execution lasted a few minutes.
Lenka squealed loudly, but no one heard her.
There were traces of the buckle on the ass, blood spurted out and he stopped, then he entered his penis into it, almost finished it and sat down again to smoke.

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Lenka stopped yelling, but only sobbed.
Having smoked Volodya again began to fuck her, but this time he could not squeeze out a drop of sperm.
Then he untied Lena, she immediately ran into another room and

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locked herself on a hook.
Moving away from the excitement Volodya probably realized that he could fly for rape, began to knock on the door and apologize.
Lenka did not declare to the police, packed up and left for the city.
In the city, she began to fuck with my friend again.
When she flew from him, she received in response that these were her problems.
I gave her money for an abortion.
We began to meet again and got married in about a year.
So that we do not have any secrets from each other, I told about all my women, whom I fucked and asked her to tell her about their peasants too.
The story, to my surprise, turned out to be very long, and when she told me about Volodya, I told her that it was not enough that he had flogged her.
Now we live together.
Sometimes I go to the left, sometimes she climbs under men.
Of course, we swear, are jealous, but have not yet dispersed.
Maybe adultery is the test of the strength of marriage?
On a sunny May morning, his feet stepped onto the already heated Voronezh soil, and his gaze touched her, passing through her beautiful body, literally devouring it from head to foot: God, flashed through his mind, as sometimes fine your creation moment.
Seeing the smile on her face, he said hello to her, and his lips reached out to her, her lips parted in response: definitely, there was no sweeter lips. Sex chat im live.

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