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I like to go without panties, and I want to do it.
I know that my mother is a very depraved woman at night, in bed with dad.
She always shaves between her legs.

But I do not understand why she teaches me completely different truths.
-Maybe, your mother is afraid to be jealous of your father, who will instinctively want you, paying attention to your bare ass under short skirts.
-I have never noticed him of sexual interest to me.
However, my mother likes to pinch my ass, to see what kind of panties I am, how I wash myself.
Sometimes before bedtime, she can sit next to me on the bed, stick her hand under the covers and stroke my pubis, saying that I have wonderful soft hair.
She did it as if playing with me, and I

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never paid attention to such actions, perceiving their display of love and affection towards me.
-All clear! Your mother just wants to make you a woman’s love, she must be a lesbian or she was before marriage.
Do not be surprised if one night she comes to you and asks you to kiss your clitoris.
– It can not be, she will not allow herself such.
She has the same pussy as mine, which my father often caresses.
Why should she kiss mine? – Then, she knows what a woman feels when she is oral sex and wants to deliver such pleasure to you or another woman herself.
-I do not believe in this.
-Well, think as you know.
If you want to wear panties, then I will give them to you, but a little different than those you are used to.
My mother only has such wears.
Sergey went to the closet where, as he said, there is lingerie and all kinds of sex toys.
He took out a beautiful, still sealed box and gave it to me.

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On it was depicted a girl, in some panties with one detail, which I did not pay attention to at first.
I opened my gift and took out its contents.
To my surprise, there was no limit.
Panties were completely transparent and had a solid incision from the front to the back.
– What is it and how to wear it? – Like that, panties! Try it on, you’ll like it.
I examined the lingerie item several times and pulled it on myself as best I could.
What I put on turned out to be very comfortable and was hardly felt on the body.
This is not strange, because, looking at myself in the mirror, I saw that my pussy and crotch between the buttocks a few centimeters wide were completely naked and not protected.
In such panties, you could freely engage in any kind of sex, without taking them off to go to the toilet, and not only do pee-pee, change tampons, and, finally, they did not crash into the ass and between the labia.
I really liked the novelty, and the size fits.
– Your mother has a terrific taste.
And she will not notice the loss of their new panties? – Don’t worry, she has so many of them that she can change clothes every 10 minutes.
Well, if so, then I have to go.
– I will call you a taxi so that you quickly get home and have a good rest.
Tomorrow we will continue our pleasures.
This is the story that happened to me and stirred up my whole life.
I meet with Sergey almost every day, sometimes I spend the night with him and every time I open a new page of sexual relations between a man and a woman.
I met his parents, and he and mine.
They know perfectly well what we do, but this is love, and sex is only its manifestation.
And on that very night I returned home and told every detail to my mother.
Fortunately, she understood me, and we found a common language with her.
She, by the way, really was a hidden lesbian.
Sometimes we indulge in my bed with her, tickling our lusty knobs with tongues.
But it is not important.
The main thing is that they no longer look at me as a little girl and do not impose silly sexual inhibitions.
I found freedom and have the right to dispose of it at its discretion.
To be continued.
I was 20 when I entered the Faculty of Mathematics after college.
Since there was not so much free time (in parallel, I still had time to work), I had to enter the correspondence department. Sex with dog cam.

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