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Kate with a smile looked at us and no longer embarrassed stroking her stomach, lying to the camera with her just finished pussy and seeing how Sasha is looking at her with pleasure.
The next day at dinner, I told a friend with what lust my brother was looking at her.
She was embarrassed, but immediately admitted: – When I looked at him in the shower, I imagined how he caressed me there, and then he entered me from behind.

With pleasure we recalled the details of yesterday.
And at the end of dinner, I could not resist and, smilingly playfully, asked: “Give him an erotic surprise today?” – Well, you know that I can not refuse – Kate modestly smiled and blushed.

The front door opened and Sasha walked in leisurely.
He threw off his shoes, threw the bag and went to the kitchen.
Two girls were standing on a tile on their knees and elbows in front of him, turning their backs to Sasha.
We were completely naked and covered with oil.
When Sasha came in, we both bent, touching the floor with our breasts and sticking out his ass towards him, and from afar a languid moan full of feminine desire.

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Our pussies were excited by pre-caressing each other, and the ass-looking holes at Sasha are plentifully filled with the oil flowing from them.
Katya blushed and squeezed her eyes shut, but her desire flooded her so strongly that she sexually rocked her hips, trying to arch her even more.
Sasha was left without clothes for a split second, and a hard member slid between my labia, penetrating to its full length with force.
I screamed, arching in ecstasy, and I heard Katin moan, into the pussy of which strong male fingers burst.
Slipping on the floor, I pushed against my brother’s hips and tried to look back.
And Sasha took a bottle of oil and poured Katin’s abundantly first, then mine.
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