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I repeat once more, ”Nadya said sternly,“ you were taken to a special kindergarten.
And kindergarten kids supposed to inspect naked.
Nadia began to collect clothes abandoned by the boys from the floor.

You will not need home clothes for a long time, ”she remarked,“ We ??have all our clothes, underwear, clothes and shoes.
Having collected all the children’s clothes, Nadia nodded with a nod to the doctor and left the office.
Well? From whom do we start? – Tanya smiled and approached the most extreme boy, – What is your name? Alyosha, – the boy answered shyly.
How old are you? – asked Alyosha Tanya, – Eight? Nine, – answered the boy.
And still peeing in pants? – Tanya smiled, – Or is it not you? Is this this little pisyunchik to blame for everything? Sexting online anonymous.

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