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And the ass sticking out from behind the booth was also not visible, since the toilet booth is a dead end of a forest path.
That is, if I remain silent, no one will notice me.
I myself could only look at the droppings flying down and enjoy their smell, since my mouth was filled with Katinkin’s socks.

I tried to escape, but only scratched the clamped cheek and nothing more.
You were in such a position that I was doomed to look inside the barrel and breathe only my nose.
– Enjoy, my fool! Although something else.
I felt Katka naked my ass.
– Cool ass! Let her mosquitoes eat a little.
-What-what are you moaning there? Mmmmmmmmmm
-Here just smell it and think who else has raped! – Bye, silly! She slapped me with her palm on a bare bottom, laughed and left.
My ass was eaten by mosquitoes, but I continued to enjoy the smell that was carried from the center of the local toilet barrel.
But I was not lucky.
The door opened and the toilet who entered.
By the sounds I realized that this is a girl.
First, I saw a used pad that had flown down, then poured urine, then I heard the girl wipe off with a piece of toilet paper, which I also saw after everything else.
Then the girl left.
I stayed in this position for another hour before the door opened again and again someone entered.
I understood right away that a peasant entered and he clearly did not enter in a small way.
I just had to quietly taste the smells of what visitors could bring.
And then it began.
First, just the sound of emission of gases, then a terrible amount of very odorous substances. Sexy cam online.

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