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Getting in.
In front of me is a small room with two sinks, and behind it a passage to the room is longer, where all the toilet bowls are hidden in cabins.
And as soon as I reached out with my hand for a

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cigarette lighter, I caught myself thinking that in the booths someone was insistently shabbling.

I froze.
On the one hand, disturbing a lady in such a place is somehow not convenient, but on the other hand, what the hell are the ladies here so late, the last one left the lights on.
I stand.
By – good, you need to leave and not disturb anyone.
But it is painfully interesting to know who is there to mess around.
While he was standing and digesting everything in his head, he caught a rustle turning into a distinct heavy breath and sometimes rare muffled sighs.
As if someone sighed, but at the same time putting his hand to his mouth.
After a couple of minutes, the sighs became obvious and frequent.
The one that was hiding from me behind the walls of this stall was clearly intended to play pranks.
As soon as the realization of this came into my head, a lot of blood came to my other limb.
But the upbringing did not allow the drill to break in like this, and the cleaner also did not want to catch up with this occupation.
But who does not risk that as it is known.
Having made an important person, although I was just bursting with impatience as a March cat, I took out a lighter and was going to light it.
But it was necessary to strike five times and by the time the first smoke crawled under the ceiling, the sounds in the booth had stopped abruptly.
Just heard just over and over again, I exhale smoke.
Time lasted forever.
In my hands, the filter is almost smoking, but without changing my facial expression, I pointedly light the vtor.

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The third course of course did not want to smoke.
Decided so, the second cigarette goes out – will not work – I will go to the assault and come what may.
But then it resounded.
– Roman Viktorovich please do not tell anyone.
That devil and how I spotted, like no door did not open.
– And what should I not tell anyone? – Well, that’s about it.
About what you saw here.
“Heh,” I grinned, “but I haven’t seen anyone or anything here yet.”
After a minute and a half, one of the doors of the booths opened and Veronica Zolotnikova 11 B appeared in front of me.
78 meter tall and almost the third chest size, and most importantly a very folding booty.
I could not believe that such adults and very attractive girls could be caught up with such an occupation and even in such a place.
A short silence, and now she, sitting on the window-sill, with sad, shy eyes, explains to me the reasons that prompted her to do so.
But I will not dare to disclose them to you, for I gave the word to keep secret the peculiarities of her life that led to our meeting.
Veronica repented for about 5 minutes, then sharply looking at me and making reproving glance asked.
– But what about you? Do not ever jerk off or what? – Well, why, of course, I passed this age.
Handicrafts are an integral part of the life of many young men.
And not only boys.
She was embarrassed again, and, dropping her eyes to the floor, smiled slightly.
– And I find a lot of extreme in it, I like it when sex is not like everyone else’s bed, and wherever you want.
But the fact is that I do not want to get hold of the reputation of a local whore and therefore carefully preserve my innocence until consciously mature age.
– But really you never wanted to get inside yourself with an onanism? – I wanted to.
– Well, how do you stop yourself? – And I do not stop myself.
“Well, then your innocence has evaporated like the morning mist,” I said, smiling.
At this moment, Veronica, blushing a little, clearly stared at my dick, rushing out, and I saw two small sparks running in her eyes.
She put her hand to her mouth, trying to portray an attempt to scratch her cheek, and muttered.
– Behind, yes, and the front is all right.
And here, it seemed to me that the fly on my jeans began to pop from the tension and I stated without thinking at all.
– Show? Veronica clearly assumed this question and playfully bit her lower lip asked.
– What are you, a gynecologist, to consider my innocence? – And who told you that it is interesting to me to look in front. Sexy teen web cams.

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