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Her ass was warm, slightly damp with sweat, and she reacted to my touch with a slight trembling of her buttocks, although the woman herself did not move.
I poked a member in her ass, pressed, and my head slowly crawled inside, overcoming muscle resistance.
Only then the woman came to life, giving a deep sigh, breathing like a dog after a long run, straining with her whole body, moved her fifth point, and after increasing the pressure, she let my cock in all its depth.

I started moving, feeling the narrowness of her hole, but I moved, thanks to the lubricant, quite easily, methodically accelerating the pace.
Lenka suddenly somehow screamed like a woman so that I was frightened, but when she saw her right hand go down, and feeling for the clitoris, she grabbed it and continued its ram.
Under her howl, I lowered straight into the anus, pulled out a member, and without a word, came out of the cabin to the air.
He lit a cigarette and heard the female cries in the cabin renewing again.
I got off the boat and sat down on a rock.
Twenty minutes later I was found by Lech, asked for a smoke, sat down next to me.
We were silent.
Soon Vitek approached us.
Are you also her in the ass? Yep
Fuck, she screamed as if she was being cut.
But the pussy also touched her.
And did not resist.
So? So she liked.
We did not rape her.
Wait? Oh fuck her.
Now let the Turks fight, I already somehow zapadlo.
For sure.
We moved to the room.
The next day, we did not see her, or Timur and Bashkurt.

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However, we were not looking for any of them.
After eating, having bathed, having handed over the room, at one o’clock we left the hotel to the airport.
Rest is over.
Often, having received and fed up with dirty, animal sex, men experience temporary rejection, but only until the moment when the hormone starts boiling again, and then it is this vicious but captivating effect that begins to lack insanely.
That is why this story did not end with a holiday romance, but had its continuation in the future.
Chapter 1 Couples are finally over.
I gladly came out of the stuffy building of my uni into the fresh air, where the sun was shining brightly, the birds sang, in general May played with all my spring colors.
My path lay at the bus stop.
Getting home from the university was my least favorite thing on school days, because it seemed to me absolutely a waste of precious time.
Fortunately, there is a phone that has both a reader and a player, but nevertheless, 40 minutes were to be spent on the hot bus, sweating profusely.
The heat was rather July.
At the

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bus stop, I met her again.
I saw this girl often enough, we constantly traveled on the same route, only she got out earlier.
She was pretty pretty: tall, slim, with a beautiful high breasts, round ass and some more naive childish face.
Most likely she was a freshman, in their eyes there is still no expression of maturity that appears in senior students.
And so on this day she stood again.
And today, on her face, besides the usual naive obedience, there was a seal of extreme frustration and sadness.
Our eyes met, and she smiled slightly.
Most likely also learned.
My mood was opposite, and I decided to approach her.
Hello! Hi, she smiled.
– You’re Sergey, right? From the third year? How do you know? – I was surprised.
You performed at a concert dedicated to the 8th of March, ”the girl explained.
Yes, it was.
I played the guitar and sang a snotty ballad written by our elder.
For which he was thanked afterwards with a kiss on a common booze.
And what is your name? – I asked.
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