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Oh, the provincial immediacy! No, my full name is Valentin, but Valya is a female name, and therefore I have taught everybody to call me Tin since childhood.
And the meaning in this name everyone puts what he wants.
And you try.

Aah, and again, poke your nose into your detective story.
Yes, I need something or something! Burn it all with fire! I put a bast under the shelf, pull out the remnants of my detectives and put a pile on the table.
Here I will read.
And you, son, rest.
Ten or a dozen of such books should be enough for me at least a day of continuous reading.
Sleep, food – should be enough.
We stop at the next station.
Valentine takes off her glasses, throws off the blanket, and turns to look out the window.
What station? I don’t know what the station is, but if I did, I wouldn’t say.
I lost my speechlessness.
Here is a bust! I have seen something similar, in pictures, in a movie.
But their owners were ladies weighing “from 1 cent.”, My fellow traveler, of course not Britney Spears, but rather slender waist and legs. Spy cam shower masturbation.

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