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Teens get naked on webcam. Or did you invite him so that he did not understand anything? – I could not hold back my displeasure, remembering his wife, a nondescript little brown-haired woman and a non-memorable appearance.
I saw her a couple of times, even when I worked with my husband at the factory.
– I myself was surprised at his words.
But in general, I said let them come.

We will be glad to see them – I heard the voice of Sergey.
“Good,” I answered, and hung up.
Only now I realized that, against my initial decision, I subconsciously waited Friday, anticipating a possible adventure.
And now, when it became clear that there would be an ordinary party, I felt sorry for the unfulfilled, and seemingly unwanted, expectations.
I curled up and fell asleep.
When I woke up, it was about one in the afternoon.

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Looking at the clock, I rushed to get ready for the party.
By six in the evening, I cooked dinner, cleaned the apartment (it was good summer, and my daughter and son were with my grandmother in the village), took a shower.
Then she took a shower, put on make-up, put on a new tight-fitting dress that favorably emphasized my figure and chest.
Critically examining myself in the mirror, and a little thought, I took off my pantyhose.
It was hot outside and the body wanted freedom.
Guests to my surprise came before her husband.
Opening the door, I saw Igor with flowers and his wife Vika.
Vika was wearing a short skirt, just above her knees, a white blouse with a deep neckline.
Her dark hair was cut short and her eyes excitedly ran.
I invited them into the house, and asked Igor: “Where did Sergei get lost?”.

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Vika answered for him: “Sergey ran into the store for a cake, now it will be.”
We went into the living room.
The guests sat on the sofa, and I noticed that Vika was also without tights.
This calmed me down.
Literally about ten minutes later, the front door opened and her husband entered the house.
In his hands he had a cake.
“I came and is terribly hungry,” I said.
– dinner is ready, everyone should wash their hands and quickly at the table – said Irina.
After washing his hands and returning to the living room, it was jointly decided to have dinner at a small coffee table.
The guests sat on the sofa, I sat across from Vika, Irina from the end of the table near Igor.
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