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She was certainly a melancholic, but quite cheerful girl, but to get sick.
However, the disease can happen to every person.
Can call a doctor? Our family has a doctor.

A good specialist.
Do not.
I’m probably just a little tired.
Now I lie down and probably go shopping.
Shopping Natasha loved – sometimes it seemed to Max that even more sex.
And when she said about shopping, the guy calmed down a bit – maybe the little wife was tired.
He smacked Natasha on the cheek and took a promise to call every hour – he left the bedroom apartment.
In fact, Natalya did not know what was happening to her.
It seemed that from her someone pulls all the energy.
All thoughts were mixed in my head, and the body became disobedient and alien.
When they were making love with Max, she was still alright.
But it was all over and she felt uneasy.
Something was happening to the girl and that scared her very much.
We had to really go

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to the doctor, but Natalya, not knowing why, dialed the number at all for no medical assistance.
It was the phone of her distant relative.
From the secret corners of her mind came the unexpected thought that only he could help her.
Come, Alex – I feel very bad.
Fortunately, there were no traffic jams in this area.
It was one of the fashionable districts of the capital – quiet and calm, so there was no active movement here during the day.
When Alex and Zhenya arrived at the new five-story house, where Maxim’s parents bought an apartment for the newlyweds, less than half an hour had passed since the call to Natalia.
At first, the concierge did not want to let the corridor go further, but Alex convinced the well-fed young man that he was Natasha Ironova’s brother, reinforcing his assurances with a thousandth note and charming Zhenechka’s honest smile.

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He also learned the required apartment number.
It was not too late.
Natasha herself opened the door for them.
I saw Alex and fell backwards.
More precisely on time substituted hands Telegin.
Alex brought the girl into a huge living room and laid her on a luxurious plush sofa piled with pillows.
The girl was unconscious, sometimes distorting her, as if by electric shocks.
What is wrong with her? Zhenya asked, with wide eyes watching what is happening. I don’t know yet – Alex found the emergency power button behind the small ear with a quick movement.
Again the body of the light-haired beauty had a cramp, but no more.
Natalia’s eyes did not open.
We’ll have to proceed to more radical measures.
Having found on a delicate hand, now hanging limply from a sofa, a small hole introduced an additional dose of nanoparticles into the pupa.
Natalya shuddered again, opened her eyes and stared at Telegina with a meaningless look.
Now it is still almost off – said Alex to Enechke – she seems to have a shortage of nanoparticles that give you life.
Dr. Shevchenko told me about the possibility of such cases.
– he wiped sweat from his brow with relief – the main thing that we had time in time.
Can it happen to me? If you don’t take your vitamins on time, Telegin chuckled, and sometimes you have to eat.
Food is your emergency supply.
For some time, replace the nanoparticles.
And in general, listen to me – and then there should be no such problems.
Listening to you – my destination – either with regret, or simply sadly ascertained Yevgeny – but why did she call you, but did not turn to an ordinary doctor.
After all, she does not know who she really is.
As our common friend Shevchenko said, you are not afraid of death, but you have an emotional and painful threshold, and as a result, a self-preservation instinct.
And in such a situation, the danger sigal in Natalia’s memory worked and she could no longer turn to someone else’s help, only mine.
So it was programmed? – it seems that the word itself did not at all like Evgenia, who, being also an artificially created aneroid, seemed to have dreamed of some kind of independence. Voight bongacams.

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