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From the excited excitement I was breathing heavily and even shut my eyes, although it was completely dark in the closet.
I did not like Natasha, and I hurried to present Lyuba in her place.
It doubled the sensation.

From the enjoyment captured the spirit.
Are you crazy? – suddenly said Natasha, taking a member out of her mouth, – I’m doing you such a nice thing, and you call another? Yes, you’re just a goat! She abruptly got up and left, slamming the door loudly.
From a loud bang, I wanted to hold my ears.
An abomination.
The next night I was on duty with Any.
The night was very hard: an elderly patient died, and we drove him to the morgue.
Human life is so thin a thread that sometimes you don’t notice it.
But it breaks off, without it it loses its meaning and everything else.
Only in the hospital, when people left before my eyes every day, I began to appreciate life.
His and their loved ones.
Having finished with the necessary formalities, we hurried to leave the damp basement, where the eternal twilight stood, and the ceilings were so low that it seemed that they were about to collapse.
After stress, it was necessary to recover.
In the sister’s room was a kettle, and in the fridge lay some food.
Come on, have some tea? – Luba suggested wearily.
I lit a desk lamp (a bright light at night cut my eyes), put a teapot into the socket, took out my breakfast from the refrigerator, spreading it on the table.
Lyuba also got something.
But as soon as the teapot began to boil, Pavel Andreevich looked into his sister’s room.

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The glasses of his glasses gleamed, and his eyebrows, as usual, were angrily shifted on the bridge of his nose.
Lyuba? Can I have a moment? He asked sternly, glancing at me with disapproval.
Yes, Pavel Andreevich, – she said in a fallen voice.
Barely glancing at me, she quickly walked out, closing the door behind her.
And I stayed on a hard hospital couch, my head thrown back.
Why does this happen to me? Why is my life a continuous series of sorrows and failures? She returned after a full half hour, which seemed to me an eternity.
A quick glance at her was enough to understand what they were doing there: the robe on her was badly dented again, and the hair on her forehead stuck together.
Without looking at me, she went to the closet where the clothes hung.
Come out for a while, I need to change clothes, – she asked.
I got up and walked to the door on stiff legs.
From resentment I was filled with bitterness.
I already took the handle of the door.
when he could not stand it and spoke to her: How long have you been sleeping with him? I asked quietly.
What? – Luba asked in surprise, – how dare you, jerk? Do you even know what you will

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be for such words? I saw everything, – I answered calmly, – yesterday in the dressing room.
Why are you unlocking? I just don’t understand what you found in this old goat, that’s all.
Without waiting for an answer, I already took a step to leave and opened the door.
Wait, she said, come in here and close the door.
I obeyed.
Sit down, she said, since you saw everything.
It will be better if you know the whole truth and treat everything correctly.
I am not a whore, as you probably thought, and do not suffer from gerontophilia.
– she suddenly fell silent for a long time, and I realized that it was very difficult to talk to her about it.
If you don’t want, don’t say, don’t, ”I suggested, transferring to her on the sofa,“ I don’t want you to suffer again. ”
There was no gloating in me.
There was no contempt.
On the contrary, when in love, you don’t want any suffering for this person, and his sadness just breaks the heart! Web cam sexy chat.

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