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And went to the garage to a friend, without waiting for the arrival of our guest.
But we drank a beer for a long time, I didn’t really understand where and why, but my friend apologized and left for business, and I went home to my wife and her friend Yana, who had already arrived about two hours ago.
When I entered the kitchen, they smoked out the window and laughed about something, there were two empty bottles of wine on the floor, and on the table was a half-empty bottle of vermouth.

Knowing how little Natasha needed, I concluded that she was already in a cheerful state of intoxication, as it turned out her friend too.
The girls smoked and we all three sat at the table, drank and chatted.
I sometimes looked at Yana, she turned out to be a beautiful girl, a long-haired brunette, as well as my beloved, breast somewhere second size, was well visible thanks to the cut on her blouse, and when she sat at the table, I noticed her long legs and her short denim skirt, Overall, Jana was a very sexy girl and not only.

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We were all in a fun state of intoxication, and sometimes I was in a state of sexual arousal, looking at the girls’ delicious ass when they were smoking by the window.
And after the next break, they retired to the room, so that Natasha wanted to boast some outfits, and give something to Yana.
Left alone in the kitchen, I began to make plans for how to drag Yana into our bed with my wife, but without thinking up anything, finishing off the vermouth and having smoked, I headed to the room for the girls, who were suspiciously silent.
I quietly opened the door and looked into the room, the light was dimmed, and in this twilight, my beloved wife sat on the armchair with her legs apart, and her girlfriend licked her pussy.
Both of them were naked, and a whole wardrobe of clothes lay around the room, apparently the show so excited them both.

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Yana stood on her knees with her back to me, having bent her ass, I saw how she was caressing herself with her fingers there, and the face of my wife showed happiness and pleasure from Yana’s tongue.
My tool almost flew out of the pants, I stood quietly at the entrance, looked at my two lesbians and jerked off at what was happening.
Two beautiful brunettes are petted, one of them is my beloved wife, the other is her friend, a real man’s happiness to watch it.
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