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Apparently, she disconnected from reality for a few seconds.
Because when I came to myself, the boss was already violently and rhythmically stretching her, squeezing her chest with brute force.
This is a piston — an idiotic thought has occurred to me — it enters into its entire stomach and, it seems, pulls a sponge behind it.

This went on for several entrancing minutes.
And it’s cool how, for a long time I was not so fucked, in the sense that in general it was not so fucked.
Pussy, as if waiting for this team, spontaneously began to shrink and pulsate, preparing to receive her portion of sperm and give her secret in return.
By the way, a thought flashed through the clouded mind, and how he intended to protect himself.
At this point, the chief growled, pressed his whole body into it, pushing it all the way onto his shaft, so that you didn’t squeak, the member seemed to have gotten up to his throat and began to pump his sperm into it, shuddering with each ejection.
“Damn, here’s the answer – no way! I pulled everything into me, fucking boar, ”- the thought of a satisfied woman flashed by and flew away.
Only when the boss fell off relaxedly, Olga was able to take a deep breath and gather her running thoughts into a constructive proposal.
“But it’s awesome to fuck all over, it’s already exhausted all over.

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So giving myself up, I finished it myself a couple of times, ”she thought.
The chief, meanwhile, raised himself on his elbow and, stroking her chest, said wearily: Now it won’t hurt to eat, there is cold in the refrigerator, it should be hot on the stove.
I will not

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do much, give me some kazy, five pieces, I will eat them with beer, and what you want to see for yourself.
The girl got out of bed and, clamping her crotch with the palm of her hand and sperm, went to the bathroom, already in the back having heard a replica dropped with concealed pride: Yes, you can not wash yourself, I know who you are.
Yeah, walk, so that from me flew like a bucket.
I dropped a liter into me, now it will flow all evening.
I’d rather wash, – Olga was tired, indignant.
The chief with a contented smile leaned back on the pillows and closed his eyes, pretended that he didn’t give a damn and he decided to take a nap.
After washing in the shower, she wanted to get dressed, but the chief seemed to be waiting for this, and said: Walk like that, it’s always warm here, and I like you more.
“Damn, that a lover of the female body was found, now walk in front of him with naked, sparkling boobs, and he will recline and contemplate on the couch,” thought Olga and, sticking her tongue out in retaliation, showed it to the dormant boss.
His face broke into a contented smile.
Here is an infection, he also spies! After setting up a table in a hurry and dragging Czech beer from the refrigerator for the chef, Olga decided to have a little fuss: Dastarkhan is ready, my sovereign, I ask you to go to the table.
The chef slowly got up and, casually wringing his dressing gown, walked over to the laid table.
He stopped in front of him, looked around and, in a strained voice, offered to move the cakes closer from the far end of the table. Webcam sex babes.

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