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Two lamps with a red shade burned in the room, dabbing it with an intimate color, candles burned in some places, and the smell of fragrances flew in the air.
My girl looked at me with her lustful eyes, because she also waited a whole year, but in spite of this she was very restrained, although I knew that she was ready to pounce and tear me apart.
I was lying, and in the meantime Tanya was approaching me with a slow and confident, beautiful gait.

There was no more strength to wait, I got out of bed and went to her meeting, hugged her around the waist, and Tanya put her hands on my shoulders.
When I tried to kiss her, she began to play with me, pushing her head back a little, teasing me and biting her plump, blood-filled lips, her eyes were like a cat’s. Xvideos lesbian cam.

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