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My hair is long, up to my shoulders, I comb it straight, without parting.
It remains makeup on the face.
My beard barely grows, especially on my cheeks: I carefully scrubbed my chin and mustache in advance with a safety razor.

I applied a skin-colored cream on my face, as my husband always did before leaving the house.
He hid minor defects of the face and translucent through the skin of the cheeks and chin to the blue of the bristles sprouting in the morning.
Black ink and pencil ineptly lashed eyelashes and eyebrows.
I lifted my eyebrows in advance with tweezers – I saw at one time how my wife did it.
Red lipstick brightly made up in a woman’s full, seductive lips.
Charges are over.
The outfit is completed by the wife’s brown handbag and slippers on a thin heel, which I have taught myself for a long time in the evenings when the wife was not at home.

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Fortunately, our size is almost the same: I have the forty-first, she has the fortieth.
In order not to press the shoes, I had to let go of the ankle straps and fasten them to the last hole.
We live on the fifth floor, on the site – two more apartments.
On the left, a three-room apartment is empty for more time: the mistress lives with a sick son in a private house, looks after.
I wear fashionable sunglasses from the sun, even though it is already evening, and resolutely follow the corridor.
Before leaving, at the door I listened keenly to the sounds on the stairwell: like anyone.
I quickly open the door and slip out onto the landing.
I shut the door behind me.
The heart of excitement pounding under the blouse like mad.
I feel like a criminal breaking a terrible “taboo”!

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I hurry downstairs and, without looking around, I leave the doorway.
People in the yard a little.
Counterclaims almost do not pay attention to me.
Naturally, no one knows or greets.
Still would know! In such a dress.
I leave away from home and only then I relax a little and take a breath.
Whether a joke: I am a girl! How to behave? While there is no problem, no one is interested in me.
Only one drunken man held my legs for a long, interested look.
How nice it is that your legs like it! But where to go? I lit a cigarette and paused, thinking.
In addition to the banal video hall with regular porn nothing came to mind.
7dreamgirl7 livejasmin.

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