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Young man, lie on a gymnastic mat on your back.
Girl, lift him and sit down his pi: from the top straight to: So-so-so, good.
And I will get jaga.

Saying all this, the instructor took off her leather panties and put on panties with a strap-on.
She joined the girl from behind.

Its tool, naturally, is ready “to fight”.
– How do you sing? “My ass”? Well, ass, hold on.
She spat on the hand and rubbed saliva at the entrance to the anus of the girl.
Then she began to gently “pump up” a gentle girl’s ass.
The little girl screamed at the sensations that came over her, most likely from pain.
The instructor said, “This is where the vocals begin.”
Type in-CAL.
And you thought your jags were safeguarded against them? Nothing you can do.
Prepare the caliper, I drive it for another five minutes, then measure it.
Well, and then the boy’s turn.
I got tired today with these contestants.
Some kind of all unprepared to work on stage.
The camera switches.
Host: – This is how the casting routine of “The Songs of Our Doors” will be held everyday.

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Let me wish you a pleasant time spent with us on the channel “Hooligans”.
From two sides he is caught by the hands of an informal vocal teacher and a teacher of scenic swearing.
– And who are you? You haven’t gone through our hands yet.
– Leave me alone! Security! Screams are heard, feet stamping, the camera fades.
Announcer: – For technical reasons, interrupt the transfer of “Song of our gateway.”
Some hooligans tried to outrage the program host.
All the best to you, ladies and gentlemen.
The background to the end of the transfer was the song of the next participant: – Catching on the lips, – Catching on the tits, – Catching on the lips of the big sex, – Oh th!

The collective meeting of the company has begun.
Recently, things at the plant were not going well: there is little income, and there is nothing to raise the salaries of employees.
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