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The guy had been holding himself for a very long time, therefore, being deep in my throat, he immediately began to move his hips, hammering his dick all the way.
Tears spilled from my eyes, but your hand continued to hold the back of my head, not allowing me to step back.
Fortunately, for a long time my ebar was not enough, after five deep shocks, he added his hands to yours on my nape, and, fixing his hose in the depths, began to drain into my mouth.

There was a lot of sperm.
Despite the fact that the part just spilled immediately into the throat, two jets flowed down my chin.
At this point, you firmly grabbed my dick and with two sharp movements brought me to orgasm, releasing the barrel in the same second as I was about to finish.
Sperm began to flow in weak shocks, and you, hugging me, warmly whispered in my ear: “That’s good, my girl, you will suck well, later.

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Open the neck, swallow! ”
Still continuing to drain the contents of my eggs onto the litter, I felt how the cock filling my mouth began to shrink in size, and my hands on the back of my head loosened my grip.
The guy squeezed the rest of the sperm in my mouth with his hand, ran his head over his lips to wipe it, and patted my cheek approvingly, saying: “Nice nipple! And we thought only to unwind the bitch.
“He winked at you and, leaving” I do not say goodbye, “retired towards the beach.
You sharply turned me towards you and took a deep kiss, dividing the sperm that was still in my mouth, for two.
– I adore you, my slut! – you said having come off at last – Take away your litter and rest, and I, perhaps, will go to bathe.
I suspect that they are waiting for me there.

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Having watched you, I took the napkins and began to wipe the wet spot on the litter.
There was a taste of sperm in my mouth, and before my eyes there was a member that had just been taken out of my mouth, slightly limp and with a drop of sperm flowing down from the skin that almost covered the head.
I still continued to remove the traces of my ejaculation, kneeling and bending over the spot, when I felt like someone’s hand firmly grabbed me from behind the balls and squeezed them tightly – so that I screamed.
– Shut up, whore! Andryukha told us everything! – it was clearly one of the guys from the company interested in you – Turn your head and open your mouth, otherwise I shouldn’t be on your ass!
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