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Between the spaced buttocks, I saw the anus – a large hole with inflamed red edges.
Her anus was incredibly stretched from members who visited her that night several times.
In addition, the hole was wet, shiny.

I touched the anus with my tongue.
Elvira gasped – painfully and voluptuously.
I began to lick, trying to get my tongue deeper into the hole.
Elvira breathed noisily, sighed, began to bounce her ass, to spread her legs bent at the knees more and more.
Then, tired of keeping them up, she put them on my shoulders.
“You’re a good lick, so, still, more.
– Yes.
Lie me bitch.
She was still visited by a few short but strong orgasms of two or three, only after that, in a voice hoarse from moans and cries, she ordered me to stop.
She sat down, in a chair, with her legs lowered, putting them on the seat and just slightly to herself she just sat for a few minutes and was silent, looking at me at my soiled face.
Then taking a full breath with her breasts, she exhaled slowly, then another and another.
And only after that she spoke, or rather ordered, take napkins on the table.
I quickly hurried to do it.
When I had napkins in my hands, she said further – You can wipe your face.
I quickly pusus, napkin, on his lips cheeks nose.
Only after that she said that she wanted to say in her strict calm tone.
You, as I understand it, are a very obedient and well trained bitch.
Today I liked how you licked me.
After these words, she lowered her legs to the floor, turned, and strongly pushed off from the armrests of the chair, got up, slightly staggering, walked around the room to.
table on wheels.
I think she will speak out of you, she stood at the table.
I stayed on all fours and saw Eleanor taking a fruit from a small vase, then putting it on the floor and taking a bottle of champagne, pouring out of it there.

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Come here sounded her order.
And when in a couple of movements I got to her, other instructions followed.
– Stand in front of the vase.
It seemed to me that after working on my pussy you feel like drinking, as if asking, she asked.
And without waiting for my answer, ordered, drink.
An even greater shock struck me, because I did not understand what and how I had to do in order to fulfill this order of my lady.
In this regard, I tried to take the vase in my hands as a bowl and drink its contents.
Her imperious no sharp, and further vase will remain on the floor made me shudder again.
You will lap up such as you bitches.
There is no other way to drink.
If that doesn’t suit you, you know what you can do.
I was again shaken by excitement and blush from shame, I knew perfectly well that I could get up and leave, and everything would end quickly and instantly, but did not know why I was not leaving, and vice versa, only closer I moved closer to the proposed drink. and stuck out her tongue, began to lap up.
Honestly speaking, I slowly and poorly as I was not used to folding my tongue and drawing drops into myself.
As I understood this pace of mine, did not like my lady.
And so her voice sounded that I had only 5 minutes to lap up.
Obeying her order, I increased the rate of varnish, the spray began to fly in different directions.
The stop team sounded after 5 minutes, Elvira came up to me and, seeing the remnants of drinking, pointed a finger at them in a vase.
Take care not to have more than one drop.
she bent over the vase again, and quickly working her tongue, licked off what her finger was pointing.

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Then she picked up a vase and put it on the table on wheels.
Seeing the drops on the carpet left behind by my lacanime she came to a certain annoyance.
you turn out to be a slob, with a leaky mouth sharply and as always, she calmly pronounced.
Need to be careful.
She continued, quickly.
Lick here, she said, pointing toe leather.
Embroidered home shoe on the dark spots on the carpet drops spots.
I was ready for anything, but the lick was not very clean, the carpet was beyond my strength, so I stopped my actions and stood on all fours, I stood and looked at the floor.
Talking about her tormentor.
Elvira did not think long, she quickly tilted her body, just saying to me, lift the head of the shameless bitch, And again strong slaps fell on me, adding redness to my blush on my cheeks.
The slaps were strong this time, so my head shook from side to side. Anal webcam squirt.

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