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Yes, and how not to drink under the triple fish soup of trout and pestrus.
Well, under the fried pheasant – God himself commanded.
It happened that our hunters piled up wild boar in the taiga, then the feast around the fire was gaining the scope of the cannibalism of fun, like somewhere in equatorial Africa.

Some of our ladies, well succumbed, performed belly dancing.
Well, where could you still see half-naked women, in bras and swimming trunks, temptingly rotating their hips against the background of the flames of a fire and the walls of a gloomy, wild forest.
True, this dance did not last long because of the same bloodsucker mosquito.
Our dear doctor immediately came to their aid, rubbing the swollen blisters with the same alcohol.
We had a golden rule: sleeping together in a tent, for here we were considered one family.
For comfort, the floor was covered with pine branches, covered with a tarpaulin,

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and on such a bed they went where.
The piquancy of the situation was that the tent was dominated by utter darkness, in which women were the first to plunge, and then men.
In the tent it was forbidden to smoke, talk.
All explanations between its inhabitants were made only by groping.
And if in the dead of night someone’s wife turned out to be a non-masculine body pressed to the ground, it was considered to be in the order of things, which both the women and the peasants really liked.
Imagine how vivid and unforgettable were the impressions of the previous night, when many women ottrahal someone on the sly, and it is not known who.

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This was also one of the mighty incentives for our trips to the taiga.
And what’s interesting.
None of those present then had any complaints to anyone.
The men excitedly shared their impressions of the night adventure, and the women dreamily rolled their eyes, looking forward to the next night.
Reached and curiosities.
It so happened that some people are too excessively sexually preoccupied ran his hand between the neighbors’ legs and instead of the desired gap, he suddenly ran across a protruding “trunk”.
Then friendly laughter shook the walls of the tent, but then everyone again plunged into the mysterious silence of the night, broken only by the silent love struggle of the bodies unknown to each other.
So this time everyone was shaking in the car for three hours, overcoming one hundred and fifty kilometers to “Tigrovaya Pady” in anticipation of new adventures.
The list submitted to me for leaving the taiga this time was twenty-two people for an equal number of women and men.
We did not take children to the taiga.
Moreover, the collective in terms of age was very mixed: from twenty years old and older.
It was alarming and encouraging.
The doubt was alarming: would the young ones not groan and not be asked before the deadline to go home.
It was encouraging that the majority of women were of Balzac age, who would hardly have agreed to leave the taiga ahead of time without drinking all its charms to the bottom.
These have always been great hunters “podude”.
I, as the commander of the unit, in order not to lose credibility in the eyes of my subordinates, was not forbidden to overwhelm a solid matron somewhere in the bushes, but not young people, because of youth and inexperience could cause a scandal, and a grated woman would be glad to the ears that she slept with the commander himself in such an unusual setting.
However, the taiga cupids remained a secret of the “Tiger Valley”, and it was considered unacceptable to disclose them to others who were not in the taiga, especially to continue them further. Anastasia roberts livejasmin.

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