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I sat up, took his dick in the palm

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of my hand and put it in my anus, sitting my ass with my back to the neighing Mikhalych.
He hugged me with his hands in front, squeezing boobs, that I had to lie back on his stomach, put his hands on the deck and spread his legs wide, thereby even more deeply crouching on his penis.
The anus, developed by a member of her husband, took a new toy with a smack, and Mikhalych began to finish off me from below.

The Captain came out on deck with a cup of tea, lounged on the sofa and began to watch the scene, pissing the member with one hand.
“Seryog, join us,” he said to my husband, “pamper our bitch with a doublet.”
Sergey stood over me and tried to insert a member into my pussy.
He did not succeed immediately, because Mikhalych was stirring with his movements.
But when he nevertheless entered me and the two members met inside, a wave of orgasm covered me.
The men moved in me not synchronously, sometimes interfering with each other, it was both funny and painful and extremely exciting.
“Well, turn it around,” the Captain approached us.
Now I sat pussy on a member of Mikhalych, my husband fucked mecnius in the ass, and I sucked a member of the Captain.
Such a posture turned out to be more comfortable, although I don’t know how Mihalych was there, lying on the deck, but three members had drilled me in all holes and I was in seventh heaven from a high.
I do not know how it happened, but I felt the members inside me increase in size, the movements of the men became pulled, the Captain grabbed my hair and pressed it to my groin, shoving my cock almost completely into my mouth, and an explosion occurred.

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I do not know who was discharged first, the feeling that at the same time.
My butt and pussy were filled with hot cum, the Captain let me in his mouth jerking his penis with his hand and trying to stick me deeper, I was shaking in an orgasmic attack and suddenly, as they clicked the switch, I lost consciousness.
I woke up on the deck when I was poured water from a bucket.
I was survived like a lemon.
Disheveled hair, legs spread apart in shamelessness with exposed pussy and shining anus exposed, in a pool of sperm under the booty.
From the mouth to the deck a stream of Kapitanov’s sperm flowed.
I first felt like a whore.
“Live and live,” said the Captain.
Here is a story.
Sometimes fate gives us unexpected surprises.
I think none of our company did not anticipate such a development of events.
While returning to the shore.
drank tea, thanked each other for a great day, said goodbye until next year and went about their business.
With my husband, we did not discuss this day.
Maybe something is broken in us, maybe something else.
The fact that we have changed is for sure.
Became closer and tender with each other.
Although I do not think that changing the relationship of two loving people should be this way.
But what happened, happened.
Published for the first time, perhaps in the narration bust with emotions, but that’s how it is.
I wanted to share.
The names of the characters are changed.
After I sucked at Seryozha, having received great pleasure from it – almost more than the partner himself, I washed my face and rinsed my mouth – Seryozha had a ten-liter flask of clean water in the trunk.
Then my wife and I — as they were, without dressing, naked — drank a stack of good vintage wine, which we took with us on the trip, ate chocolate chocolates, which had already begun to melt from the sun.
Seryozha at this time, quickly dressed, drink with us, of course, did not. Big boobs indian webcam.

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