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You are a good boy, obedient.
Lick me, my dear boy.
Lick me, my dear boy.

Be a good boy, lick some more.
I feel good. ”
Pretty soon, the woman reached orgasm, and then, bending over on the couch, and wheezing, she ended violently.
From the depths of the vagina sprayed a stream of juice, the liquid ran down my thighs, and I licked it.
This led me into a state of complete ecstasy, but I could not finish myself.
I was embarrassed to help myself with my hands, although Sylvia was so passionate about her pleasures that she probably wouldn’t have noticed anything.
And anyway, I would not have had time, because a woman suddenly jumped up on the couch with unexpected playfulness for her form and build and passionately whispered: “My dear, lie on your back, rather, I ask you.”
I immediately obeyed, and Sylvia immediately perched her face on my face, so that with her huge open vagina literally covered me.
In this position, I continued to caress her.
I was not hard.
Probably, Sylvia was kept partially on weight, half-sitting, but I was choking with her discharge.
The woman was constantly flowing, every minute she was shaking in her orgasm, and the notes of turbid liquid continually poured out into my mouth.
Sensing this, Sylvia said, impulsively agitated: “Swallow.
Drink my juice, dear boy.

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In the meantime, I will give you a reward for your work with the tongue. ”
With these words, she took with her fingers my weakened member from the strain and began to massage him quickly.
It was too much for me, and in a minute I finally achieved the desired relief.
After about ten minutes, the beautiful rider herself was tired.
Releasing the last jet of me, Sylvia climbed down from my face.
I, all wet, sat up and began to wipe the edge of the shirt.
From the next room came the sounds of fierce racing.
Karl and his partner

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Corina, a tall Irish-type red girl, have not yet completed their round.
Having smoked a cigarette, Sylvia and I caught our breath and then she, mischievously winking at me, said: “I wonder what they are doing there? Judging by the cries.
Karl was able to thoroughly “crush” Korin.
It has always been pretty.
However, how did he manage it? Let’s watch”.
We quietly entered the next room and I was stunned.
Karl was riding a naked Corina.
The girl, arched back under the weight of Karl, crawled heavily on all fours to the hem.
The huge man, with his legs tucked in, was conveniently located on her, and, holding Korina by the ears, directed her to the right, then to the left.
Reddened beautiful horse meekly drove his rider.
Smacks, ringing and probably very sensitive, forced the girl to shake her flowing red hair and jump faster.
Sylvia leaned toward me and whispered: “Karl is in her repertoire! Now I understand what he warmed Corin.
She was with him for the first time, and certainly did not expect such treatment.
“How can you like that?” I quietly replied, “Think for yourself what you say.”
Sylvia grinned: “I’ve been thinking for a long time.
And have you ever thought that women like that? ”I was at a loss not knowing what to say.
He was not at all embarrassed by the fact that we were witnesses of his strange, but for me monstrous games. Big boobs webcam live.

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