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As soon as I groaned with pleasure, Benjamin stopped doing cunnilingus and hitched a clip to my clitoris.
He pulled hard at him.
I screamed, but he just smiled.

He bent me to my feet and pulled me to the center of the room.
He repositioned my legs so that they were wide apart.
Then he blindfolded my eyes and ordered me not to move, not to make a sound, and not to say anything other than the phrase “cotton plantation” if I needed to free myself.
I just nodded.
I was too full of euphoria to do something else.
The first and second blows fell on my chest, the third and fourth on my pussy, and the fifth and sixth on my ass.
Although not very strong, all six strokes were made at a fast pace.
Then Benjamin stroked the areas he had smacked.
After a few seconds, he began to beat me again.
Again, none of the blows were very strong.
But I could

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feel my flesh ache.
The pain was amazing.
I wanted him to continue, forcing me to wonder if I really enjoyed the pain.
He kept hitting me; the pain intensified.
I didn’t know if it was so because he smacked me more or it was because of the sensitivity of my flesh.
I began to shout.
“Are you alright?” He asked.
“Yes, I’m fine,” I replied through tears.
He badly smacked my ass with a belt.
He caused wounds.
“You must address me Sir.
Do you understand, slave? ”
“Yes, sir,” was all that I said.
My ass was on fire.
“What a phrase.
you must say if you want to end the torture? ”“ Cotton plantation, sir. ”
Then Benjamin began to stroke my breasts, pussy and buttocks.
I immediately felt relief.
The pain was replaced with delight.
I began to move from a sense of agony to a happy euphoria.
I moaned very weakly.
He continued to bring a wonderful relief of my sore flesh for some time.
Then, without warning, he began to spank me with the lash again.
I made a face.
He repeatedly, randomly beat me on the ass, vagina, stomach, hips and breasts.

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Blinded, I did not know where the next blow would be.
I was again thrown into the abyss of pain.
My pussy throbbed, my breasts hurt, my ass and thighs burned.
I started screaming again.
He slapped me a few more times and stopped.
He took off the clips and mouth caressed my breasts and clitoris.
Then he began to massage the areas of my body that smacked.
Once again, I climbed into the transcendental heights of happiness.
Joy and admiration gushed forth in me.
Ecstasy and euphoria captured me.
But the pleasure was short.
As soon as I began to enjoy, they disappeared.
Three more times he sent me into the abyss of pain.
Three more times he delivered me to the palace of charm.
My emotions moved like an elevator, up and down, up and down.
I could not escape.
I longed for Benjamin to fuck me, to let me release my passions.
My only desire was for him to use me as his personal sex toy.
After endlessly moving up and down his emotions, he removed the bandage and the handcuffs.
The chain was still wrapped around my waist.
He ordered me to go to bed.
While I was laying the sheets, he put the shocker on the floor near the belt and whip.
He climbed onto the bed and parted my hips; I was lying on my back.
Kneeling between my legs, he opened my lips to the vagina with his left hand, inserting the right member into my vagina.
He stuck his head into me very slowly.
Then, as soon as his head entered my vagina, he sharply and deeply rammed my crevice with his dick.
I groaned.
He moaned too.
Then he fucked me like I never fucked before.
It was even better than the previous Friday night.
This experience left me completely exhausted, completely sexually satisfied.
Benjamin was lying to my left.
I clung to him and fell into a blissful sleep.
But I did not sleep for a long time, maybe thirty minutes.
When I woke up, I was alone.
Next to the bed lay a few ropes and a bandage.
I closed my eyes and trembled at the thought that Benjamin had not finished torturing me.
I sat and picked the chain around my waist.
A few moments later, Benjamin came in with a large carafe of water and ice cubes.
He set the carafe on the bedside table next to the bed.
“Did you like what I just did with you?” “Yes,” I replied.
He frowned.
“Roll over and kneel.
Ass up. ”
I did it and watched him when he picked up his belt from the floor.
He slapped me hard on their ass.
I made a face and he hit again.
“Always address me sir.
Do you understand, slave? ”“ Yes, sir, ”I replied.
“Now spread your arms on the bed and spread your legs.
If you liked what I did to you some time ago, then you will like what I am going to do with your sensual body. ”
Then he tied my wrists to the headboard, and my ankles to the legs. Cam sex machine annamolli.

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