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“That’s because what a thing turns out, if a girl with good x.
I tried it, I don’t need another one, it will erase my legs, but it will come running to it.
And you, apparently, only stroked her.

Who ruined her virgin? ”After today’s events, I began to doubt everything.
“You see, you do not know who laid your first girlfriend.
And I know.
“- he looked at me with piercing eyes.
– “Did you go to the village with a group to help you to collect the spikelets?” Evaluating his perspicacity and omnipresence, I, recalling the completely powerless first course, confirmed.
“This is a real find for any mechanic who smelled of diesel fuel – a city girl with soft tits, and she also came to help.
He will hold her alone in the field, stroke a bit and into the woods under the hum of the engine.
The girl from one smell okoseet, he stroked her so for fun, but a stick, and something two, be sure to throw.
That’s why she and the girl to break, but to give a good peasant, then the whole month when he appears her bl.
low eyes will lower.
Do you remember that your mechanics brought the girls from the field? BUT? Remember? And bras, oblaplennye oil ruchchischami, remember? We have one particularly eager for the girls, a small mattress always drove in the back.

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Only the girl is a little overwhelmed – her soft mattress under her back, he put together a beautiful, and no violence, only amicable consent for five minutes.
But the girl after this case, like a pupa, becomes pink-cheeked.
And tomorrow.
tomorrow is another lucky.
I, as if having received the command, began to remember everything that was two years ago, at the same time it seemed to me that in such a way a person can only tell about his own life.
Meanwhile, the owner has already poured brandy into two huge wine glasses.
“And if there are no these same girls, what should the insatiable mechanizer do?” Without waiting for my answer, he continued: “You thought correctly: he takes himself as an assistant to such a kid like you.
With you it is more fun – you will shut the curtain in time, you will take care of the grub, well, under a good mood.
You can play the violin.
after a good lunch. ”
I hardly collected my courage and decided to ask, but

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I did not get a word.
“Come on, drink a little bit, and then I’ll tell you something else.”
Cognac was, apparently, very expensive and very strong.
Despite the heap of food eaten, I became very drunk, holding on with difficulty, tried to show that everything was interesting for me and I was ready to listen to it attentively, although I didn’t have a story at all – I just saw how a great uncle, overturning a hundred grams of brandy, became unbuttoning pants.
“You look so carefully, as if you are afraid of missing the smallest detail. Can you have sex in gta online.

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