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But a couple of slaps broke my motivation, and, opening my mouth, I began to suck one of the members, and the second kept stupidly in my fist.
The member was unwashed and sucking was unpleasant.
And the atmosphere did not add romance, although I was fascinated by this occupation.

I had to try for quite a long time before the sperm of the first flowed into my mouth.
I did not expect and began to choke, but he did not let go of my head and ordered to swallow.

I did something like this.
While I cleared my throat, he told the second that I was a useless nipple and it was better to fuck me like a human being.
They put me on cancer and started to wear jeans and panties off of me.
I tried to object, but after a heavy blow on the back with my fist I understood the futility of this activity.
A member of the second entered surprisingly easily.
I just now realized that I was very wet.
I must say that this fact excited me even more and I gradually began to like it all.
The second member was bigger than my boyfriend and pleasantly stretched me from the inside.

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The first one slapped me in the face, took me by the jaw so that it opened and pushed my dick into my mouth again.
I did not resist, but tried to get comfortable.
The second began to accelerate and go to the finish line, and my head from his push deeper put on the number of the first.
I realized that if you relax your throat, then you can take a member deeper.
And then I heard the door open, and the voice of a guy: “And what about this here?”.
Then the guys continued tearing me from both ends.
I already podmahivala themselves, I felt good, when suddenly the second lowered straight into me! I was scared terribly.
This same disease can be picked up! Or fly! I then gave my condom only.
Then the guys changed places.
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