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And at a speed so soon arrived home.
The merchants step into the palace, There the queen meets them, A dishwasher is beside her, His brother is a cutter’s trousers, And a gray-haired creature – Old fagot, grandfather Babar.
-Tell me, where have you been? What have you seen in the world? – They told Saltanka, – What would surprise me? And the merchants here to her in response: -We traveled the whole world, On the way, we were bargaining – Vaughn, they brought the gandons! In different countries we have been, Something we have seen, And when we came back, It came across a marvel: The island was empty in the sea, Only rocks and surf, We called him, Nearby, often sailed nearby.

The island suddenly changed, Wonderful hail appeared there, With golden domes, And with carved towers.

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We are there, moored to the pier, In the palace, they reparted, The princess ruled there they have – She sends her bow to you! And the princess is young, All beautiful and so beautiful, But the character is clear, cool, Gvidonkoy that princess name is! And the queen was surprised: -That is so, so.
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About this not heard, I did not know anything about her, I will have to visit, At Gvidonka to visit.
The elder brother – a baker here Intervened in the conversation: – Is this a miracle? That is garbage! About the other I know! I heard somewhere an oak tree grows, And under it a badger lives, It eats from an oak acorn, Yells different songs, And when it burns, Immediately shit it itches, Yes poop is not simple, And all the gold bars, Servants ingots collect, In their chests they are locked up, Badgers are guarding there, They are keeping their eyes, Let it, bitch, not get fucked And where it is not crap in vain!

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Well I will pussy you here? This is a miracle like this! And Gvidonka got angry and spun over the uncle: – Oh, you mean face! – After in the right egg Sting uncle pizdanula And swooped out the window.
Well, there is a stir, Uncle howls: – Oh, oh! For his muddy grabbed the whole fucked changed.
And Gvidonka, at that time, Already went ashore, to her native, Komarichoy dropped, Once again she turned into a maiden.
And there the goose meets her: -How to fly? – specifies, Yes, I normally flew, I had seen the nurse, You are silent to your father for now!
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