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Enough, one nicotine, stayed.
I put out a cigarette butt.
We met his eyes, I wanted to ask him: – And where is Ira? – but I did not dare.

He winked slyly at me and with his free hand laid my hand on Sergey’s dick.
Without saying anything, Sergey removed the towel from himself and fell to my lips.
I felt fingers play with his penis and testicles.
Looking up from my lips, he busily continued the journey with his tongue across his neck, then took the right nipple in his mouth.
This movement served as a signal for Andrei, who immediately sent himself a left.
The feeling of drunkenness began to force out another, pleasant, so many times today I tried

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I began to get excited and silently looked at the two male heads that bent over my chest.
Helping with his hands, Andrei and Sergey caressed my chest, neck, stomach, alternately changing their location.
Both were, I must say, quite adept in this matter, and I felt the excitement in the waves begin to overwhelm me.
At the same time, not one of them went below the abdomen, as if teasing me.
When their lips went down my hips, I breathed more often, they understood that I was excited again.
Apparently they became uncomfortable, and they slowly put me on my back.
Having spread my legs, they both began to caress the inner surface of the thigh, while their hands caressed my chest, stroked my buttocks, stomach.

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From such caresses, my body only convulsively shuddered, and I sobbed, not understanding the toli from the remaining self-pity, the toli from the rolling excitement, or from the hop.
I finally agreed with the idea that they would take me together.
If only I didn’t shout, it flashed through my head, it’s not for me.
Andrei pulled away from my thighs and completely made room for Sergey, who immediately opened his “pussy” with his fingers and pressed his mouth to it.
His language was doing something inconceivable.
then, flitting on the clitoris, then swallowing it inside, continuing to tease.
He licked his lips and again returned to the excited tubercle, not allowing me to recover.
At this time, Andrew knelt over my face, one hand lifted my leg, and the second began to jerk his cock, occasionally giving me a lick.
Suck it up, Kitty, ”he said softly,“ see? How he wants it! Almost without hearing his words, I opened my mouth, and his dick filled it.
I closed my lips and began to gently but actively drive them along the sliding flesh.
It was terribly uncomfortable, I had my head thrown up too, my legs were also strongly up.
Probably, having understood this, Andrew moved to the side, threw his head back, slightly groaned, stroking my head with his hand.
Here is my girl, here is our girl, here is a good smarty.
I screamed and shook my head slightly – he removed his hand, but his movements became deeper.
A member, as always, was firm and strongly poked at my throat.
Having dodged and letting his cock out of my mouth, I looked at him disapprovingly and immediately closed my eyes and groaned.
Sergey, seizing the clitoris with his lips, put his finger into my vagina and stopped for a second, immediately after that – he began to move it, almost taking it out and again plunging it into hot pussy. Female cam chaturbate.

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