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My best friend Sasha called himself a “nipple”, and our elder comrade Stas has so far gone without a nickname.
If our roles were already distributed and more or less corresponded to the nicknames, then Stas played both an active and passive role in our anal-oral fun.
As scheduled, exactly at noon, I and Sasha go to Stas in order to “master the computer” and “work on the Web.”

At home, everyone very much appreciated this and the timely occupation, which was extremely necessary for a fifteen-year-old boy.
Indeed, at first, Sasha and I viewed pictures and video clips that Stas downloaded over the porn sites overnight.
Actually, we did this in turn, t.
Immediately after arriving, one of us went to the bathroom, where he set up a two-liter enema for himself, then a visit to the toilet a couple of times, and we were ready for “combat” actions on the anal front, as Stas liked to say.
At the same time, I always asked Stas to give his dick to me in my mouth, t.
I am extremely excited by a completely dependent and helpless position.
I also liked to perform an oral session sitting on the toilet with a completely relaxed and widely extended anus.

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Anal and oral scenes seen on a computer were very exciting, especially we liked to watch dubbed video clips and anal teen sex.
Personally, I really like young girls, seemingly completely innocent, but actually having labia twisted and dark from constant fucking

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, a completely broken vagina entrance, and also developed anal openings that are ready to “serve” the healthiest male member with stiff veins, Nude blue head and shiny stretched foreskin, especially if it is the owner of this member – tubby and bald old man.
It was nice to see that some ordinary old man has a healthy and tense cock.
And the girls, seeing such a member, eagerly clung to him with their mouths.
A picture of contemplating anal fucking of an elderly uncle and meekly substituting the ass and mouth of a teenager (boy or girl) is always exciting.
My dream was to participate in a joint fucking with any girl my age (15 years old) and with two elderly uncles.
It was assumed that we do not know how to fuck on our own, therefore, as a “training” and “punishment”, experienced adults fuck us with all their might, I play the role of “girl”, and at the end of fucking I should rather contemplate my broken-up anus, resembling Reverse worn labia with genital slit in the middle about 5-6 cm long.
And all this should be captured in the photo, and better on the video.
That is the scenario of my dreams.
He told his innermost desires the “nipple” and Stas.
In addition, we constantly recalled rampant sex with Vladimir and the cameraman.
Stas said that while the new order did not arrive.
We were afraid to advertise the provision of special non-traditional services. Film sex movie online.

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