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I have long, after graduation, a daughter was born.
Happy father somewhere to eat.
It seems to be a donkey in the Baltics.
Daughter grew up.
Now it’s time for me to tell my Masha: “If you go for a walk, kiss, kiss, and do not take off your underwear!” Type: “Take care of your dress again, and furrow – from youth!” When I soap her back in the bath, I always twirl my daughter to the sides, gasp and tongue out, looking at her charms.
Of course, I can not stand it, and not only I rub my back, but in admiration I touch the palm of my daughter’s chest, her belly,

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Masha grdet, thrilled, groans from pleasure.
And when I am washing my feet between her legs, seditious thoughts come: Should I work on my furrow myself? What do you think? In particular, women are mothers.
What are these thoughts? Incest? Lesbianism? Debauchery? Well, and x.

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I do not know whether to restrain or sin against this hot summer.
In the summer in short pants.
In the summer, absolutely no pants.
Time will tell what I can do.
Oh, sorry, in my cabin the doorbell rang! Clients came.
I messed up with you.
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Below is the text of one of the first instructions on the scientific organization of labor, developed in the early twenties of the last century by Alexey Kapitonovich Gastev.
This instruction, by the way, hung in the Kremlin’s office B.
Try, however, to read it, tuning in a pre-erotic way.
Here are the first basic rules for all labor: 1.
Before embarking on a job, it is necessary to think it over all, think it over so that the model of the finished work and the whole order of labor practices finally form in my head.
If you can’t think everything through, you can think over the main milestones, and think over the first parts of the work thoroughly.
Do not take up work until you have prepared all the working tools and all accessories for work.
At the workplace (machine, workbench, table, floor, earth) there should not be anything superfluous in order to waste but poke around, not to fuss and look for the right one among the unnecessary.
All tools and fixtures must be laid out in a certain, if possible, once and for all, established order in order to be able to find it all at random. Free sex cam chaturbate.

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