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The man did the same.
We stood two meters apart and caressed our genitals.
It couldn’t go on like this for a long time.

The man stepped toward me first.
He knelt in front of me, and began to gently stroke his feet and everything in between.
Three days of abstinence made themselves felt, but I was not going to finish yet.
Leaning on the wall of the booth, I closed my eyes and gave myself to these gentle fingers.
A man made me spread my legs wider and caressed the entire crotch now, periodically checking my back hole.
He did it not intrusive, not rude.
When he soaped his finger over the ring of the anus, he seemed to be inviting me to respond.
It was a sweet torture.
Finally, I decided it was time to give him a chance.
At that moment, when his hand once again slid around my hole, I rather sharply slid down my back against the wall of the shower and my finger finally broke into my hot depths.

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At that moment, inside me, everything started to smell from the anticipation of what was coming and I could not help it, pressed my ass down even more.
The man moved his hand to the meeting and his index finger fully entered my hole.
He began to skillfully excite my prostate, not forgetting to stroke my penis and eggs with my second hand.
It was necessary to move on to more decisive action.
I gently pulled away from him and, swinging my asshole, went to the dressing room, whispering to him, so that he waited a bit.
In the waiting room, I first looked out the door and made sure that no one was waiting for us, then shouted to Uncle Vasya: – Trofimich, do not let anyone in yet, we are drinking beer here.
Let an hour come.
– About what you talk, Sanya, do not hesitate, everything will be as said, and there is no one like Bole, everyone has already washed.

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When I returned to the waiting room, I took out the aftershave cream from the package and greased my hole with them abundantly, thrusting two fingers up to the stop, my butt nicely ached, waiting for the invasion of a living, tremendous stick.
Then I went into the shower.
A man stood with a member on me and slowly drove his hand.
I had a thought, how could he surrender? Necessity for invention is cunning! I took the man for dick and held in the shower, leaning his ass against the wall.
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