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Whose voice is it? Who cares.
She is still too sweet and too sleepy to answer.
– I want to say, we always admired you in our own way, – here the intonations startled a little, as if the speaker himself was not completely sure of his words, – but no one could imagine what you could be.

so beautiful.
so impetuous.
so tender.
The voice seems to float.
One phrase after another, a ringing bumblebee bites into her ears.
Something about the leader, not in words, but in fact caring for each of his subordinates.
True Lady Boss.
The speaker’s lips are hot on her chin.
– It feels like that.
This is a marvel, this is a miracle of you renewed.
will melt soon.
And so I would like for both you and everyone who knows you.
that you can be better than.
She only languidly shakes her head, weakly aware of the words, but reacting to intonation.

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Why praise if everyone was pleased and if everything had a clear goal? Something brilliant suddenly appears before her eyes.
Rectangular phone box in someone’s hands.
Anton? – I took dozens of photographs and even an extensive video.
– His voice seems to be coming closer, becoming clearer.
– Magical, supernatural video.
Do you mind if I post them on your VK page? I know you usually have authorization enabled.
The tone of the voice changes, it reveals reverence – and delight.
– This album can be called just like that.
“Lady Boss.”
Awakening was the worst of nightmares.
I would have thought that it was still a dream, but my feelings were too real.
I, absolutely naked, stood with cancer on my own table, leaning on its surface with close palms.
One could try to hold them wide for stability, but the wrists were twisted with a thin leather strap.

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Judging by the sensations, the ankles were also connected.
A collar tied to a large ceiling lamp, similar to those hanging above billiard tables, crushed its neck.
I was so proud of this chrome lamp, which contributes to the strict furnishings of the office.
In addition, slightly leaning back in the chair, it was possible to go into the shade, while the employees present remained at the same time in full view – in a band of bright light.
And now I, like a guilty mongrel, are naked and fastened to my favorite interior detail, which brightens brightly all the intimate details of my body.
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