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Another couple fell in, also considered it her duty to persuade Natca to reconcile.
Pancake!!! In short, this evening everyone considered it his duty to approach Natka, and express his sympathy with the unchanged “Well, make peace.”
In the end, they piled everything out of the room, disillusioned with the opportunity to sleep, and began to walk about the country house.

The light once again went out, leaving us and Natka together in the same room.
I sat on the bed, looked into the darkness where Nath lay, and said out loud: “You know, Natca, the relationship should be enjoyable.”

Throw this asshole! Nata was silent for a bit, then asked why I think so.
I replied that at the very unfortunate love – at least eat in packs.
A conversation ensued, one of those heart-to-heart conversations, when both are trying to tell what they think about the laws of this universe, and everyone in them does not understand a damn thing.
After some time, Nat got out of bed and approached me.
“Come on, let’s smoke,” she asked.
– Nat, I can not.

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I do not smoke, and besides, I’m lying here under a blanket in such an indecent form: – Is that how it is? – She asked.
I silently threw back the blanket, showing that there was nothing on me except the thong panties.
Nat held out her hand, held me across my chest, then quickly leaned over, leaned over me, and stretched my lips to me.
I kissed her.
The lips are soft, warm, tender.
Her mouth opened slightly, and I felt her rough tongue on my lips.
I opened my mouth and our tongues met.
Fast, sticking tongue movements, sucking lips.
Deep penetration into the partner’s mouth, gentle tongue touching the lips.
We kissed, as wound up, both showing high kiss technique, and trying to give pleasure to the partner.
The touch of mouths with lips half open, lips relaxed tongues, my tongue slides over her upper lip, I grab her lip with my lips, I suck a little, never cease to drive the tongue, touch the tongue to the teeth, meeting her tongue, lure it into my mouth, grab it lips, gently sucking, sit on his lips, let go, give her my tongue, again touching the lips on the lips, just slightly elongated, she holds the tongue between my lips, pushing them apart, again touching the half-open mouths: Damn, I started ak much excited that he is ready to grab it right here, and rape!

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