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I just blinked and moaned, and Nikita sweet moved in me.
Suddenly he froze.
I did not understand the reason for the stop and raised myself, wanted to ask what happened, and suddenly the words stuck in my throat.

On the threshold of the room stood Dimka with a hanging jaw and round eyes.
I don’t know how long he watched us, but on his jeans an uneven bulge bulged out.

Despite the fact that he was shocked by this sight, it was clearly aroused him.
We were located facing him, I don’t know how Nikita didn’t see him before – probably his eyes were also closed.
I jerked, not even trying to think about the situation – that it was already late to hide, he had already seen everything, but only an instinctive desire to hide behind me moved me, I was utterly afraid.
But Nikita still firmly held me by the hips, and my convulsive jerks, it seems, perceived differently.
He continued to move.
Damn, damn, damn !! I looked at Dimka, and he transferred his wandering glance from me to Nikita, fumbled for them greedily, his eyes glittering, starting to breathe faster.

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Then, as if hypnotized, he stepped forward.
one more step.
When I saw him unbuttoning his jeans, I realized that he thought something like “well, if she really fucks her son, why shouldn’t I ?!” The remains of my mind protested, but the lust suddenly rose just bestial.
Yes, and figs with him, – I thought frantically, – well, indeed, he did find out all the same.
In the meantime, he came closer to me, lowered jeans to his knees and started masturbating right in front of my face.
Nikita was moving more and more, he was excited as much as me, and from his sharp jolts I jerked forward and back, and at the same time Dimkin’s cock sometimes poked right into my lips.
That was too much.
I felt a wave of such a wild orgasm, which rose from somewhere below, from the depths, to the very brain that shook me, I huddled and screamed – and at the same time I almost choked – Dimka drove my dick into my open lips.
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