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Pull the stroller to the nearest shop.
I come back behind the wheel.
I sit down on the bench and try to fit the wheel.

It is not inserted – some kind of piece of iron interferes.
With force I try to push through.

suddenly men’s hands take the wheel.
“Let me try.”
I look up.
This is some nondescript middle-aged man.
He begins to repair the wheel.
He has black hair.
Ugly face.
Hard hands with thick fingers.
But it blows from him a man.
His head is next to mine.
I smell the man.
A pulsation begins in the lower abdomen.
I am swimming.
Already familiar tickling of the uterus.
Squat down next to him.
Like a half asleep, I lay my head on his shoulder.
It’s not me! Someone controls me again! He put the wheel down.
Does not move.
Tries to look at me.
I close my eyes.
The smell of a man intoxicates.
I kiss him in.
the neck.
“Maybe to your house?” He asks quietly.
“At home, mother,” I reply.
He takes my hand.
Rises and raises me.
“Let’s go,” he says.
I take the stroller like a fog and we go.
Where is he taking me? We pass into the part of the park with more dense plantings.

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It collapses into a bush.
I follow him.
We pass through the trees.
Transformer box
We stop near it.
He hugs me without talking and kisses me on the lips.
I am malleable.
I want this.
No! “I will not be without a condom!” He reaches into his pocket: “I have.”
Kisses my ear.
His rough hand picks up her dress and climbs into my panties.
A moan breaks loose from my lips.
I close my eyes.
In front of me is a large empty hall with a string of men with standing members.
My stranger turns me to face the wall of a transformer box.
Hands leaning against the wall.
He pulls down my panties to my knees.
Wind pleasantly blows my pussy.
From me for a long time flowing.
A man wearing a condom.
Hugs me from behind.
Feel his dick.
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