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When the erection reached its maximum, the urologist professionally moved the skin off the head of the penis, causing me to involuntarily stifle and strain the muscles of the pelvis, bulging forward.
I swear I forgot where and to whom I was at that moment! A single strong desire flooded my mind – I wanted to STILL! So that this gloved hand would shift the skin from the head again and again, giving her and me such pleasure !.
I groaned with lust, not knowing what to do – either try to dodge and curb the tide of sexual desire, or vice versa – to surrender to this already familiar feeling with all my heart and shoot at the doctor’s glove all the accumulated sperm from yesterday! The man apparently realized that he had to stop in order to continue an important examination and not cause premature ejaculation.

He ordered me to stand up immediately and follow him to that part of the office — behind the screen.
So I got up with a standing member and went barefoot for a urologist, waving my sexual organs from side to side.

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Behind the screen was a gynecological chair with knee pads for which I was half lined, after undressing completely naked at the doctor’s command.
The clips on the ankles clicked, then my hands were fastened somewhere above the head with the same metal handcuffs.
The urologist stroked my tanned belly with satisfaction and tried to reassure me, saying that the forthcoming examination would not be painful, but I would have to be patient.
From such a warning, my erection greatly diminished.
Besides, I understood that I still could not avoid the upcoming procedure.
– Oh, it would be better to sit at home than to be exposed to the unknown in the doctor’s office, and besides, still tied so that completely strangers could touch at will the most intimate parts of my body!
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