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Live public sex show. Fuck you zrachka! Shcha, fucking, retaining a pack, Yes to the queen on the bed, Until the morning to fuck her! – Junior says here, – I have been standing for a long time! If I would become king, I would have torn it like a cat! Something in the senses ebanulos, With a bang, the door opened and broke into them in the luminaries, – Hello! – the queen herself! Those Saltanka at once learned, As the leaves trembled.
She walked in the evening, She saw the Light in the window, Curiosity is not a vice, Not always surely in the proc, So she took the lead, Got to the window, Pizdyoh heard them, She suddenly became unbearable , They broke into the luminaries.
– Hey, you two! Get out! Well, you, eagle, stay! – The Queen ordered them, And pointed to the door.
Both elders went over, In one instant they rushed off to the courtyard, Junior thinks: – Fucked up!

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SchA cut off my end, For immodest words, Eh, a bad head! And the queen grinned, The eyebrow arched in an arc, She looked around at the boyfriend, He ordered him to remove the socks.

The younger one blushed deeply, But did not dare to contradict her, And with trembling hands, He said goodbye to his trousers.
Only at this very moment, With a fright, the cock drooped, Between his legs hung, To the knees, prick down.
-No damn yourself recumbent.
And what is he standing? I knew a lot of crap, And I didn’t see this, But that it is not worth it? – So the queen says – -Who recently brave here And threatened to fuck me? Maybe this someone is lying? Maybe your dick does not get up? If he does not rise now, Then fucked up you will come! And for daring words, Your head will fly off your shoulders!

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The younger was more frightened, He went down on his knees: – Holy Cross! That – from the excitement! And from your appearance! Could I suppose you see that here? After all, the queen herself, She was honored to appear here! -Well, I may believe, SchA will check you myself – I picked him up from my knees, Dick fell to the queen in captivity.
Fuck the queen held, And caressing her hand, The younger brother, frozen in disarray, Turned out in excitement, -Oh, what the end! After all, not every stallion So can boast, – In a moment the queen was delighted.
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