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After taking a shower and getting dressed a little, Marina and Nicholas went to the kitchen, where they made coffee and smoked with pleasure.
They looked at each other silently and smiled.
Nikolai smoked first, and with the words: “I didn’t come empty-handed” – he got up and went to the hallway.

He returned with a bag, unzipped it and began to show what was in it: a pair of handcuffs, a roll of cling film, a gag-ball on a strap, the same as Marina’s, leather pants, only they had one cork and there were 2 slots in front – for the member and the nozzle-phaloemitter.
From what she saw, Marina’s heart pounded and her desire awakened again, but now she wanted to take control of the situation: “Wait for me here, I also prepared a surprise,” he said and left the kitchen. Live sex arab cam.

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