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Yanochka, please come to me.
Yes, boss, one second.
You come to my office.

As always you please my eyes.
A white blouse with a low neckline that revealed only your swan neck.
Black, tight-fitting jeans, which favorably emphasized the slimness of your hips and buttocks.
Called the boss? Yes Yana, today is Friday, around three in the evening.
I think the whole office only does what it looks at the clock.
Tell them that they may diverge.
Well, I’ll tell you

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“You’re heading for the door.”
Do you have any plans for tonight? In principle, no.
Do you mind lingering a bit? It was necessary to finish some business.
No problem, boss.
I just wanted to go shopping for tomorrow, but for today I would still be at home.
That’s great.
Prepare, please, coffee.
And do not forget about yourself.
One minute.
– You turned and left.
I folded my documents and, leaning back in my chair, waiting for you.
Some time passed, and you entered, holding a tray with cups.
Boss, everyone is gone, no one will stop us from finishing our business.
– Your opinion at the same time eloquently said that you understand what matters we are talking about.
You went to the coffee table and put a tray on it.
Since the table was very low, you had to lean forward very much.
My eyes fixed on your buttocks.

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There were no back pockets, and judging by how the fabric of the trousers emphasized all the curves of the body, I realized that there was no linen under them.
Apparently I swallowed too loudly, because you looked around and looked at me.
There was a sparkle in his eyes, and his lips were stretched in a smile.
Straightening, you approached me.
She sat down on my knees, facing me, leaned closer, and our lips merged into a kiss.
I grabbed your head, fingers drowned in your hair, stroking and massaging.
Your tongue slipped into my mouth and met mine there.
It gave me pleasure.
Our languages ​​are intertwined.
Now my tongue plunged into your mouth and began to examine there.
Slipping through your tongue, teeth, palate.
Tearing away from my lips, you crossed my neck, your lips and tongue touching my neck brought me to ecstasy.
In the meantime, your hands managed to untie my tie and began to unbutton my shirt.
Your lips dropped lower, kissing my chest, shoulders.
She took off and threw my shirt aside, now my torso was at your disposal.
Your lips slid all over my body, causing a sweet shiver in me.
You slid off my lap to the floor, caressing and kissing my belly.
Your hands unbuckled the belt and the zipper on my pants.
Unbuttoning the button, she began to pull the pants down.
I slightly raised myself to help you.
I sat in swimming trunks, looking at which it was easy to understand how much pleasure your actions give me.
Your head went down there, and your sponges began to walk on the matter of swimming trunks.
Release him? – you looked at me.
I could only nod, say a word, I could not.
Your fingers are not forced to beg.
After a moment, my swimming trunks lay on the floor.
Mmmm, I like him! He is at your disposal.
– I mumbled.
You leaned toward him, and I felt your tongue start to touch him.
With one hand, pulling the foreskin down, and your lips touched the head, kissing him. Live sex in skype.

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