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I felt an extra enthusiasm.
No, of course, Lyusik is Lyusik, he could also exaggerate, and lie with three boxes.
But there is no smoke without fire.

And for some reason I wanted to believe that Lyusik was telling the truth.
And another thing: I again felt like a boy, like I had been at school a long time ago, when the boys in the toilet talked about some slutty high school girl who was over half the school.
About such all expressed exponentially dirty and disrespectful.
But in those bawdy comments the boy had lust and desire, and.
fear: she gave it to everyone, but what if she doesn’t give me, I have acne.
And the matter is not in the fact of refusal, but in personal reputation – no one wanted to look like a loser, everyone tried to be cool.
Therefore, many of us summed up the next youthful porn storytelling is not sincere, but trying to look like a highly experienced macho with a lot of experience and the “right” concepts: I wouldn’t have gone with her, zapadlo! But now the boy grew up, became Max, and I did not care about the “correct” concepts, and the opinions of others.
After some time I lost sight of Masha.
Another portion of rum and cola strained my bladder, and I went to the toilet.
I have already said that in this “progressive” club there was only one, but a large toilet – for both boys and girls.
And there was no constipation in it, in principle (I don’t know what it is connected with – either the creative of the owners of the establishment or the usual negligence).
There was no queue, and I entered this institution that is strategically important for people who drink. Live sex on stage show.

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