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Now women sometimes marry friends, and men marry friends.
Well, what now regret it.
And then.

I bought already known to you at the beginning of the story panties with artificial # y.
No, no, those cowards that at the beginning of the story are already the fifth such construction.
And then everything was new to me.
Lyudka and I did not become “husband and wife,” but sometimes “flogged” with pleasure.
The fourth period of my e # teach life.
Sometimes I continued to share my bed with men, but I felt that now I was missing something.
And suddenly, with some surprise and doubt, I realized that I want to fuck a man in the ass.
Who would have thought? To me? A living man? In the ass? For some time I struggled with temptation, trying more time than before to be Lyudkin “husband” in order to distract myself.
But it was all in vain.
Of course, you guessed it, which of the first men had to “lose their innocence”? True, it was a friend of fun and fun Vadka.
I did not begin to process him psychologically, persuade him to surrender, but just once, after our notable joint “poora” with him, at the end of which he deliberately gave him a company blowjob, after which the “client” didn’t have a drop of sperm and not the slightest chance devastated penis.

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Then he drunk his friend.
While the “client” dozed off, put on her famous panties with “cock”, she leaned on Vadka in bed and started with caresses.
He was embarrassed when I began to caress his chest and nipples with my fingers.
Seeing my “bump”, my friend realized what I wanted to do with him, and weakly resisted.
And I whispered in his ear: “Now we remember boobs, then we will do your ass, girl.
Your ass is not male, but female.
Large, tender and sweet.
And then: I want sex, but you are not worth it.

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look, I honestly try to raise your little “boyfriend”. ”
Vadka tried to keep fighting back, but he was drunk well by that time, and I, perhaps, could cope with a sober Vadka.
He has a good “piston”, but physically he is not much stronger than me (this is when sober).
I twisted it in bed as I wanted.
He bit his nipples and stroked his penis and testicles, but his cock never stood up.
Then I got to Vadkina.
I crumpled his halves, whispered to him, to be an “obedient girl”, so as not to be afraid for my “treasure”, that he had a “sweet hole” that should be mine, that I would rape anyway.
Vadka flushed, weakened even more and began to give in.
I, without wasting time, turned my childhood friend on my side, smeared his anus with gel, fell in behind and seized the peasant.
He tasted and swept away.
I encouraged him: “Well done, you slut! That’s right, move your booty.
When you are planted, do not fuss under the client.
Relax, durekha, and enjoy. ”
Actually, I didn’t care if Vadka got pleasure or not. Livejasmin 10 free credits.

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