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Teku, Teku, as young!
Do you hear Current because !.
“- Well, well, toad nnitopaskudnaya! How are you? And? Lahudra? To you, to you I appeal, so that all Stolypin would harry you! – To me ?.

Vera Geor.
Faith me.
– Foul your finger in the hollow here of this larva shove! – How.
like this?! “Yes, your finger, finger, asks to shove my ass!” “How is it, Zoya ?!” “Quiet, quiet! Do what it says! Shove it!”
And I say, thrust! Well! Throw it, you fool! Confuses after all, and leave! Understood me? Shove it soon! ”
Come what may! So, groped a hole.
Well, come on, Vera, maybe this is the last time.
Go, go, finger.
“Why are you on the nail something ?! Deeper, deeper, but smile, not face, and Chernobyl!” – Now take your finger on the fang! “Lick, lick! Look, Ver, I recently shit here.
So, you will not lick honey.
So that you are not offended, I also stick your finger in the ass, and lick it later.
” So.
Lick your own finger that has been in the zoya asshole! And how, how can you refuse ?! Look what a guy has a muzzle in his hands! And this barrels.
and this barrels.
he will be me
All lick soon! For the sake of such a blow, any poison will go like chocolate !.
– All right, Shmarov! Nishtyak! Who anchor his kin? – That’s what Ver.
Come to me.
Sit, pinch, tea or something stronger drink.
Yes, and decide how we will live.
Vera Georgievna nodded.
What is the use of arguing now?
Most importantly, they achieved their goal.
So what is next.
Well, then – life will judge.
She’s wiser than us.
The sun went down behind a black strip

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of dark forest.
Mimi SATH.
A girl in a white veil walks through the halls of the palace, A quivering gaze directing at the beauty of the tile.
Maybe looking pictures, or came on business? What is impatiently nervous, looking for it in the corners? I rushed into the dark hall, went out after five minutes.

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Just the girl was looking for where it is more convenient for her to piss.
The airport sometimes turns into a small hell.
Especially for those flying south.
The roar of overheated children, distraught mommies and grandmothers rushing to the attendants.
The most quiet category is slightly drunk men.
His “black line” of vacations continued because at first the zipper on the cackhole refused to open, had to lower his pants in front of the urinal while dancing tap dance, and when he received an “incomparable” catch and had already put his pants back on, the zipper machine quickly slipped down and just disappeared.
So, a man with an unbuttoned fly, but covered only with a leaflet about toothpaste, was sitting on the chair.
The buzz continued.
Quickly, in an Olympic way, she “kissed” him on the cheek and put her finger with a long “claw” on his lips – “keep quiet”.
A taxi with a driver in the form of a pilot began to move, asked on the fingers how much her hour was worth, pointing at the clock and making a characteristic gesture with his thumb and forefinger.
Showed the price.
I poked my finger at the clock and showed three fingers, then I showed it on the gadget, and where there will be sex.
Sticking it and showing 1 finger, such as how many partners there will be, whether it is Gangbang, sighed with relief when he also showed 1 finger.
The pilot – the taxi driver left.
They went through the night city.
Finally, she sighed and spoke: “All taxis with microphones and cameras.”
Literally there is a live broadcast from the “interesting places in the city”, where there are murders, road accidents, fights, rapes, group sex.
You can earn good money.
With a good member especially.
Even better with a scuffle.
Higher transfer rating – higher bonus.
Several people were beaten just “for the air”, but there was no noise, why our program is worse than the race “Paris – Dakar”? He was in no hurry, he first of all wanted to chat a little and dissolve from such silent communication.
A little later, her eyes lit up, she also wanted to get high.
She did not look at him, but her reddened cheeks betrayed her, and, raising herself a little, began to lick her ear with a tongue.
She has such a beautiful and gentle tongue.
– You walked me well already.
Bitch need fresh air, and knots need a fresh partner.
“They opened a new boutique cafe, let’s go! Signboard:“ You buy clothes, try them together at least until the morning! ”A luxurious fitting room with a mirror high ceiling and a long mirror wall.
Another wall smoothly turns from white to black.
Stylized low soft poufs.
Racks and hangers with elite underwear.
Looking at her, he, frankly, got into a trance.
Slightly tanned body rotated on elegant shoes. Livejasmin account with credits.

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