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We were married for only half a year, we are with my Galya, and our friends are Vitya and Nadya.
Galya and Nadya are friends at the Institute of Foreign Languages.
I know Vityu badly, but he seems to be a good guy, and sociable.

After a long journey, we sit by the fireplace frozen, it seems, for centuries.
There is wine.
And Nadia knows how to make mulled wine, hot and tart, which warms all of us sitting close to the fire.
It gets hot, and we laugh, sipping from the cooling mugs.
It was Vitin’s thought, which he almost told me in a whisper, so that it could not be heard as a whisper, but as soon as a quiet speech, not heard to anyone except the addressee.
At first glance, I was offended by the thought of his assault on my wife, whom I greatly loved.
In exchange, Nadi’s favor was offered.

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I did not want to scandal: we just arrived for a few days.
But what to say? It was easy to answer that such fantasies would hardly be approved by our wives, because I knew that they were not in the know.
Vitya replied to me that with my approval, even if passive, he was taken to settle it, even with my wife! Let alone his own.
I do not understand how he will achieve this, I thought.
If Galya gives in, then I am not ashamed.
But how can she give in? Nadya, undoubtedly very good and attractive to me, even though I never wanted her.
And yet I agreed, being sure that all this bravado was on his part, and the matter would end in laughter.
We drank a little more cognac, although it already became hot.
There was no music in the house, but an old and poorly tuned piano happened.

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Nadya sat down for him and began to play the Seasons.
The fireplace was burning down, and she was playing almost blindly.
I remember walking up to her, and watching her thin fingers in the twilight, behind the shadows on the keys, behind her bare arms on the keys.
Nadia was in an almost evening dress, with open shoulders and a neckline that fitted her low graceful figure.
In such an almost miniature addition, her rather full and tall breasts were of rare unusual shape, she worried me especially now.
Galya danced with Vitya in the depths of the room, only silhouettes were visible through the embers of the fireplace.
How can you dance under Tchaikovsky? – flashed through my head.
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