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That would still find how to trim the hair, then no one will know.
But as soon as Lien found herself outside the palace, where even the servants completely ignored her, dimensional steps rang out behind her.
Turning around, the princess discovered that two black knights were following her relentlessly.

Watchmen or supervisors! With such an escort, she definitely won’t get lost in the crowd.
The girl grimaced annoyingly, but quickly took herself to the hands, pulled up her nose and proudly went back to the palace, almost breaking into a run.

She wanted to be alone and cry a little.
“Wait for me outside, Ugl,” he casually threw over his shoulder to his secretary.
The prince replaced his armor with an elegant camisole of black color, adorned with silver embroidery.
Gold is the symbol of his father, until Draucu is laid.
But this suit was sitting on it just fine, emphasizing the stately figure of the war, and giving the necessary official.
“Your Highness, why are you not yet properly dressed?” We’re late! – To-where? – scared Llena, almost choking on a juicy apple.

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The princess grabbed her dress with such force as if it were being ripped off right now.
– You have not been warned? – the prince was surprised.
– Here’s a mess! I gave instructions to the servants! All expelled in hell! They do not want to work at all.
Lien shrank into a ball, not knowing what to do.
Servants ignored her, refusing to carry out even the smallest orders.
Until her position was determined, she was simply not contacted, although she was already catching on herself the greasy looks of men and snide women.
Everyone was sure that the prince had something special for her.
“Okay, then we’ll figure it out,” the prince waved his hand.
Hurry, Your Highness.
I have a lot to do, now we will deal with you, and the details.
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