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I have happened here and conflicts (participated in a couple of skirmishes), but now is not about that.
So, I came to the club alone (all my friends were busy with family affairs, and my friend Oleg, who was just as divorced as I was, had a temperature at home).
I took a place at the bar counter, took rum and coke from a chatty bartender Lucyk (I don’t know why, but everyone called him that way) and began to look at the dancing girls on the dance floor.

And I saw her: in black leather shorts, black mesh stockings with elastic, in a white top and high-heeled shoes – that was Masha.
Something snapped at me.
I felt the awakening of my body.
God, how I wanted her at that moment.
That is, there were other girls on the dance floor (probably no less attractive), but for me they ceased to exist.
I clearly remembered how she humiliated me, saying that I had a small dick, how mockingly she spoke to me, how she clamped my head between my legs when I did cunnilingus, how she lazily and carelessly commanded me, and how I wanted to obey her.
With other girls I had just sex in different poses, something different happened to Masha, something much more, after which “just sex” was not interesting.
This girl tore my brain with her presence at the club.
I devoured her eyes, and she squirmed on the dance floor, rhythmically clinging to the groin of some Caucasian young man who clearly had views on her.
Masha did not even know that I was here.
But I knew that I had found what I myself was looking for without knowing it. Love and sex movie watch online.

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